Technical and Systems Specifications
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Do I need to install any specific application, software, plug-ins or add-on program to subscribe to MyLibrary Calendar services?

All you need is a calendar application that supports iCalendar format.

Which calendar applications support iCalendar format?

Almost all new personal calendar applications support iCalendar format, some popular ones are:

How can I use an iCalendar compatible calendar application?

Subscription procedures vary with different calendar applications. Please check with each individual calendar application provider. Below are subscription tips for two popular calendar applications:

Can I receive MyLibrary Calendar events via free mobile phone SMS?

Yes. If you register your mobile phone with Google Calendar, you can receive event reminders via SMS messages. However, you need to check whether your mobile phone service provider supports Google Calendar SMS service or not. Please refer to Google™ Help Center for registration.

When will I receive event reminders via Google SMS messages?

In Google Calendar, you can customize your reminder settings and set the reminder times for events scheduled in the Library Event Calendar and the Personal Library Calendar. Please refer to Google -- How do I receive an event reminder?

How often will the information in the MyLibrary Calendar be updated?

It is automatically updated every 30 minutes, 24/7.