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The Overseas Chinese Clippings Database is an effort by the Hong Kong Baptist University Library to digitize some of its newspaper and periodical clippings on Overseas Chinese and that was originally collected by the Union Research Institute. The estimated 200,000 clippings were taken from approximately 230 Chinese language newspapers and 40 periodicals, published in 17 countries or regions, from 1950 through 1971.

The approximately 33,700 clippings, selected for this project, focus on the Chinese and Taiwanese governments' policies on Overseas Chinese and cover six main topics: government agencies dealing with Overseas Chinese, foreign remittance and investments, Overseas Chinese villages, reception and settlement of returned expatriates, Overseas Chinese education, Overseas Chinese tours and visits.

There are basic and advanced methods to search this database. Users can search the clippings by topics, headlines, authors, newspaper or periodical titles, and/or place and date of publication. After identifying records of interest, users can retrieve the actual clippings at the Special Collections and Archives.

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