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To enhance the quality of education, the University initiated the Teaching Development Grants (TDG) scheme in the 1994-95 academic year to encourage the development of new methods, technology, and materials in the teaching and learning process. All academic staff members of the University have been encouraged to participate in the scheme by submitting proposals for funding from the Grants.

To disseminate and share with the University community the new teaching enhancement strategies developed, the final reports of the TDG projects are now available on-line through a joint effort of the Centre for Holistic Teaching and Learning (CHTL) and the Library.

For copyright reasons, full-text images of the final reports are only available to HKBU staff and students on PCs linked to the University's telecommunications network. All of the reports are in Acrobat PDF format.

( Special requests from individual project investigators to use prepared HTML versions of the reports for posting will be accepted. However, the database administrators of the Library, the Academic Registry and the Academic and Professional Standards Committee will not be responsible for checking and maintaining the validity of URL links included in the reports. )

   HKBU Teaching Development Grants Projects Database is OAI compliant

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