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Our One-on-One Research Consultation Service is intended for HKBU Faculty, Postgraduate Students, and Undergraduate Students. 

For faculty, we are happy to provide “Office Calls” to integrate our assistance into your natural environment and workflow. Select one or more of the following when making an appointment with a librarian. 

Information Resources Update & Troubleshooting

  • Introduce new databases relevant to your teaching/research
  • Show you the new features to your favourite databases
  • Answer any questions you may have in searching or accessing the library resources

Resource Recommendation & Search Strategy

  • Recommend the most relevant databases for your specific research topic(s)
  • Work with you to develop search strategies that best suit your topic and focus

Citation Searching Services

  • Show you the tools for finding out how many times your articles have been cited
  • Identify “high impact” journals in a particular field
  • Assist you in using citation databases to find cited and citing references for the most important articles your research has uncovered thus far

Stay Current with Alert Services

  • Set up automatic alerts so that contents of new issues of your favourite journals are sent to you once they are published
  • Set up personalized alerts so that new articles published on a topic are sent to you once they are published

Reference and Citation Management

  • Introduce reference management tools such as EndNote and Zotero and functions and features such as citation import and export, text annotation, content synchronization and sharing, etc.
  • Assist you in generating citations and reference list easily into your word document, with any preferred citation style

Multimedia Consultation Services

  • Recommend AV materials based on your teaching needs
  • Reserve relevant teaching materials for your class

Research Support Services beyond HKBU

  • Set you up with access to other Hong Kong university libraries
  • Set you up with an interlibrary loan account for requesting books/articles not available at HKBU

Last updated: 23 August 2021