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What is RSS?

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is a standard format for sharing news and regular updates as well as broadcasting Web-based content. When an update is made to a website or new records are added to a database, RSS feeds can automatically deliver the results to subscribers. An RSS feed reader is necessary to subscribe to a feed.

RSS Feed Readers

You can use a free Web-based reader, or download and install a reader to your computer.

HKBU Library uses RSS version 2.0 which is supported by most RSS feed readers.

How can I Subscribe to RSS Feeds?

  1. Download and install an RSS feed reader or use a Web-based reader.
  2. To subscribe, click on the RSS icon RSS of your choice. A new window will open. Copy and paste the URL of this new window into your RSS feed reader.
  3. Whenever your selected feed is updated, new items will be delivered to your reader automatically.