HKBU Institutional Repository

The Research Visibility Team is developing the HKBU Institutional Repository into a comprehensive database of recent HKBU research output, providing open access to the full text of published content wherever possible.

How do I submit my articles for inclusion in the Institutional Repository?

Why are faculty being asked for the Accepted Manuscript of their published papers?

There are three main reasons:

  1. To comply with the HKBU Open Access Policy
  2. To comply with grant funders' open access requirements (i.e. certain categories of RGC grants & internal HKBU research grants)
  3. To promote “Green Open Access”
    Most journals allow the full text of articles to be made publicly available, subject to certain restrictions. The goal of open access is to make the fruits of scholarly research freely available to all, for the benefit of the entire global community.

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What are the benefits of making my papers open access?

Apart from contributing to the free flow of scholarly information, there is a substantial body of research showing that making your own articles open access can potentially increase the impact of your work and the number of citations you receive.

The Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC) keeps track of the research done in this area:

By making the work of HKBU faculty more easily available to the global scholarly community, the impact of the University's research output will be increased.

What if I don’t want my papers to be made publicly available via the Institutional Repository?

As mentioned above, the University and some funding bodies have open access requirements. Making your research publicly available via the HKBU Institutional Repository ensures that you are in compliance with these requirements. Simply provide the Research Visibility Team with the accepted manuscript and we will take care of all the details.

HKBU authors may request a waiver of the University's Open Access Policy for a particular article or delay open access to the article in the Institutional Repository for a specified period of time. To apply for a waiver, download and submit the waiver application form. Please note that the waiver will apply only to the HKBU Open Access Policy, and that funder mandates (e.g. from the RGC) may still apply.