RVP Newsletter Issue 10 (September 2016) FRG/RGC Requirement

One of the conditions for Faculty Research Grants (FRGs) and Research Grants Council (RGC) funding is the submission of any subsequent research output to the RVP team for inclusion in the HKBU IR.

If you have recently published an article or book chapter that was the result of University or RGC funding, please submit your author’s final version (manuscript) to us. More details can be found here.

New Library-subscribed Resource
Cabell’s Journal Directory

This journal whitelist helps scholars
choose the most appropriate journal
to send their work. Information provided includes:

  • Access model (e.g. subscription, open access, hybrid, etc.)
  • Review type
  • Time to review
  • Acceptance rate
Each journal also receives a rating based on
1. Citation Counts
(Cabell's Classification Index)
2. How Hard it is for a Paper to be Accepted by the Journal
(Difficulty of Acceptance)
Choose the best venus in which to publish your research findings

These data can help you in selecting the best venue in which to publish your research findings.

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ORCID logo
ORCID Updates
New improvements to your ORCID record

As recently announced by ORCID, records have recently seen enhancements to their privacy settings. You can now individually set the privacy settings for all items in every section of your profile.

It is now also possible to list items in your preferred order. For example, you can override alphabetical order and have your preferred name appear at the top of your “Also known as” list.

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Login to your ORCID record to see the changes for yourself!

Our Guide to ORCID
Get more details about ORCID and how the RVP team can help you get the most out of it

Research Visibility Project
Learn more about our other initiatives to support research visibility at HKBU