RVP Newsletter Issue 11 (January 2017) HKBU Open Access Policy

The Senate has resolved to approve an Open Access Policy for HKBU

Under the policy, faculty members should provide the Library with an electronic copy of the accepted manuscript of every article they publish. The Library will make these available for open dissemination on the HKBU Institutional Repository.

HKBU Library will make your paper (the accepted manuscript) available for open dissemination on the HKBU Institutional Repository

The goal of this policy is to increase the visibility and impact of HKBU research. Find out more about the policy and what you need to do on the Library’s Research Visibility website.

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ORCID Updates
Wiley to Require Authors to Provide ORCID iD
Wiley Becomes First Major Publisher to Require ORCID IDs for Submitting Authors The ORCID initiative continues to gather momentum. Wiley, a large scholarly publisher, has announced that more than 500 of its journals will begin requiring the submitting author to provide an ORCID iD when submitting a manuscript for review.
They join a group of over 20 journals and publishers that have signed an open letter committing to making ORCID a requirement. ORCID Open Letter

By providing your unique ORCID iD during the publication process, you ensure that you will be properly associated with your work. This will enhance your discoverability in a variety of research systems and ensure that you get credit for your contributions.

ORCID iD ensures that you will be properly associated with your work

The Library has been working to equip HKBU researcher with ORCID iDs for some time, and over 330 faculty have so far connected their ORCID iD with our system. If you have not done so yet, please contact us and we will be happy to assist.

Our Guide to ORCID
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Research Visibility
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