RVP Newsletter Issue 12 (June 2017) Your questions answered! Research Visibility FAQs

Over the past few months, the Library had the opportunity to present at several Faculty/School Board Meetings. Each presentation had a Q&A section, and we received many great questions about the HKBU Open Access Policy and other aspects of the University’s research visibility efforts.

Here is a selection of the questions asked:

Q  If other scholars use the manuscript deposited in the Institutional Repository (IR) instead of the publisher's version, won’t I miss out on citations?
Users that download manuscripts from the IR are advised to cite the publisher's version, and a suggested citation is included on the cover sheet generated by the IR. Additionally, links to the publisher's version are included.
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Q  Won’t it be a problem if my manuscript is released on the Institutional Repository (IR) prior to publication?
This will not be an issue, because the Research Visibility Team will carefully comply with all publisher policies. In most cases, there will be an embargo period, and your manuscript will not be released for several months or even years after the publication date. We ask you to provide your accepted manuscript as soon as it is ready to facilitate our workflows – rest assured that it will not be released prior to publication.

Q  Are HKBU RPG student theses also open access? Yes, an open access policy for PhD and MPhil theses has been in place at the University since 2013. These are also accessible via the HKBU Institutional Repository.

Q  I have already made my work available on ResearchGate or Academia.edu. What extra value is there in submitting my articles to the Institutional Repository (IR)?
There are several advantages:
  Copyright Compliance  
Commercial networks do not proactively check to see if you have inadvertently breached copyright when uploading your articles. The RV team at the Library will ensure your uploads to the IR comply with publisher policies.  
The long-term viability of commercial networks is not assured. Placing your work in the HKBU IR ensures that it will remain accessible online for years to come.
The IR is optimized for Google Scholar, making it easier for researchers to discover the online full text of your article even if they don’t use ResearchGate / Academia.edu.  
    Minimal Extra Effort  
If you have an accepted manuscript available at ResearchGate / Academia.edu, simply let us know and we will harvest them for inclusion in the IR.  

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