RVP Newsletter Issue 12 (June 2017) Your questions answered! Research Visibility FAQs

Invitations to new HKBU academics to create an ORCID iD have just been sent out, so it’s a perfect time to reiterate why ORCID is a must-have item for every researcher.

In a guest post on the Elsevier Connect blog, Alice Meadows (ORCID Director of Community Engagement & Support) summarizes ten reasons why you need to get - and use - an ORCID iD.


A low-barrier path to higher impact
Video Abstracts

Just like a standard text abstract, a video abstract is a summary of the methodology, results, discussion, and conclusions of a study. But the media-rich format can potentially make your work more accessible to those both within and outside your discipline.

Here is an excellent recent example for an article authored by
Dr. Wong Kin Yiu
(Department of Physics)
Learn more about video abstracts from this post on the LSE Impact Blog.

Send us your Accepted Manuscripts
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University Open Access Policy

According to the University's Open Access Policy, you should submit the Accepted Manuscript of your articles published since 5 December 2016 to the University Library. Where permitted by the publisher, the Library will make the manuscript available for open access via the HKBU Institutional Repository (IR).

This will help increase the impact and discoverability of your work. So far in 2017, the roughly 830 available manuscripts have been collectively downloaded over 50,000 times from the HKBU IR.

In case you missed it
News from the field
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Our Guide to ORCID
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