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Journal of the History of Christianity in Modern China


第七期 Volume VII, 2006/2007


目 錄 Contents


專題論文 Articles

郭實獵《萬國地理全集》的發現及其意義 莊欽永 1
Karl F.A. Gutzlaff's Universal Geography: Its Discovery and Significance David K. Y. Chng  
《中華叢刊》的生與死 蘇精 19
Birth and Death of The Chinese Repository Su Ching  
默默無聞的牛津大學館藏─ 十九世紀西教士的中文著作及譯著 黎子鵬 35
A Little-known Bodleian Collection : Nineteenth-Century Protestant Missionary Writings and Translations in Chinese Lai Tsz-pang John  
研究史 Literature Review    
近代中國基督教史研究的兩種文脈─ 以戰後日文著作為中心 若松大祐 52
Two Research Themes in the History of Christianity in Modern China: Focusing on Japanese Publications after the Second World War Wakamatsu Daisuke  
牧師傳 Biographical Sketch of a Pastor    
香港基督教才子─ 歐陽佐翔牧師(1919 - 2002)的生平與事奉 李金強 68
A Gifted Writer in Hong Kong Christian Circles: The Life and Works of the Rev. C.C. Au Yeung Lee Kam Keung  
附錄 : 歐陽佐翔牧師致李金強函    
Appendix : The Rev. C. C. Au Yeung's letter to Lee Kam Keung    
二十世紀華人佈道家蘇佐揚牧師 謝詩詠 76
The Rev. John E. Su: A 20th Century Chinese Evangelist Tse Sze Wing  
口述歷史 Oral History    
司徒桐─ 基督教與社會政治 趙曉陽 79
Situ Tong: Christianity and Community Politics Zhao Xiaoyang  
研究札記 Research Notes    
全球化對中國基督教會的影響及問題 段琦 84
Influence of Globalization on the Chinese Christian Church and other Related Issues Duan Qi  
書評專題 Review Article    
Review of The Taiping Heavenly Kingdom: Rebellion and the Blasphemy of Empire, by Thomas H. Reilly P. Richard Bohr 96
Review of The Chinese Face of Jesus Christ: Volume 2, edited by Roman Malek 陳貽強 103
  David Cheung (Chen Yigiang)  
書評 Book Reviews    
評《陶行知─ 一位基督徒教育家的再發現》(何榮漢) 甘穎軒 109
Review of Tao Xingzhi: Re-discovery of a Christian Educator, by Ho Wing Hon Kam Wing Him  
編後語   111
Editorial Note    

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