Services for Users with Disabilities
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The Library is committed to providing services and facilities to accommodate the needs of users with disabilities. It works closely with other units on campus (e.g. Office of Student Affairs) to create an accessible environment based on equal opportunity.

Access to the Main Library

A wheelchair-accessible entrance is located to the left of Shaw Tower.

A wheelchair-accessible gate is available at the entrance of the Main Library (please ring the bell for assistance).

The Library’s lift is equipped with Braille markers and an audible multilingual messaging system. It provides access to all levels open to users (Level 2 to Level 7).

Accessible washrooms are located on Level 2, Level 4, and Level 6 of the Main Library.

If applicable, users with disabilities can be accompanied by a personal helper to assist in their use of the Library. Please inform duty staff at the entrance accordingly.

Special Needs User Room

Equipped with assistive furniture and technology, the Special Needs User Rooms are located in Multimedia Learning Centre on Level 4 of the Main Library. The facilities include:

  • Adjustable Furniture
    Tables and chairs with adjustable height are available for users in wheelchair.

  • Braille System
    Two Braille displays and one Braille printer are available for users with visual impairment.

  • Chinese Input Software
    A Chinese input tool specifically designed for users with visual impairment.

  • Magnifying Devices
    Both telesensory magnifier and hand-held magnifier are available to enlarge printed materials.

  • OCR Software
    Supporting both Chinese and English, OCR software is available to recognize text from scanned documents. They can then be translated into Braille if necessary.

  • Printer, Scanner & Multimedia Equipment
    The study room is also equipped with its own printer, scanners, and multimedia equipment for convenient access.

  • Screen reading software
    NVDA (Non-visual Desktop Access) helps users with visual impairment navigate the computer desktop by synthesizing speech from on-screen text.

Service hours of the Special Needs User Rooms are the same as the service hours of the Main Library. For enquiries or special arrangement, please call 3411-5239 or

Priority Service

Users with disabilities will be given priority at all service counters in the Main Library (Borrowing and Returning Counter on Level 3, Information Desk on Level 3, and Multimedia Learning Centre Counter on Level 4). Please approach Library staff for arrangement.

Academic Support

Appointments can be arranged to assist users with special needs in utilizing Library resources and services. To arrange an appointment, please call 3411-5239 or email

For Library instruction, the Library usually receives information from the Academic Registry in advance about students requiring special needs, and the instructor will make appropriate arrangements accordingly.