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The Library takes an active role in the teaching and learning activities of the University community. We promote information literacy[1] as an essential life-long learning skill in all disciplines, and within the scope of whole person education. Students possessing sophisticated IT skills do not necessarily know how to find information, critically evaluate sources and use information effectively.

Information literacy is one of the HKBU Graduate Attributes[2] whereby our students “will have the necessary information literacy and IT skills ... to function effectively in work and everyday life” (HKBU, 2010).

Information literacy is a set of knowledge, skills and attitudes that includes (but is not limited to):

  • Identifying potential information tools/sources for different needs
  • Practical searching skills using a variety of search tools
  • Analytical skills for breaking down complex topics into searchable parts
  • Critically evaluating the validity and relevance of information
  • Incorporating information wisely and effectively into a task
  • Managing information streams to ensure staying up to date, but not overwhelmed
  • Using information in a socially-conscious and ethical manner

To provide both general and discipline-specific learning opportunities for your students to become effective, critical users of information, you can request a workshop at

For more information, see our Mission and Goals


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