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The Chinese medicine collection includes general medical books, medical reference books, medical serials and multimedia materials. The Library also subscribes to many CM-related electronic databases, e-journals and e-books. 

Noteworthy elements of the collection include: 

A Complete Collection of Traditional Texts on Chinese Materia Medica 《中國本草全書》

  • This set of 401 volumes includes more than 800 works, and 10,000 articles on Chinese materia medica. The Library is honoured to have received a special serial designation No. 1 for acquiring this collection. 

A Handbook of the Supplement to Leigong’s Method of Preparing Chinese Medicine 《補遺雷公炮製便覽》

  • A long-lost work of 14 volumes compiled in Ming Dynasty documents CM preparation methods with valuable colour illustrations. The current set is a colour reproduction of the sole existing copy housed in China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

Flora Reipublicae Popularis Sinicae 《中國植物志》

  • This is one of the world’s largest botanical compendiums and contains information on over 85% of known plants found in China, totaling 301 families, 3,408 genera and 31,142 species. The library owns complete sets of all 80 volumes in 126 books. 

Overseas Chinese Medicine Antique and Rare Book Collectings and Book Series 《海外中医珍善本古籍丛刊》

  • This set of 403 volumes includes 427 overseas works on Chinese Medicine, among which around 160 works and 280 rare editions are lost in China and subsequently dispersed around the world. 

Last updated: 12 August 2019