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Special opening arrangements are made for the Library and its branches when either Typhoon Signal No. 8 and above or the Black Rainstorm Signal are in force. Details are given in the table below: 

In Force at Scheduled Opening Time
Either signal type:Remain closed
Issued During Opening Hours
Typhoon signal:Closed as soon as possible
Rainstorm signal:Remain open
Either signal type before 1:30 p.m. : Main Library, CML, & SMCL: Open as soon as practicable with counter services.
Either signal type after 1:30 p.m. but 3 hours or more before the scheduled closing time: Main Library: Open as soon as practicable without counter services

CML & SMCL: Remain closed for the rest of the day
Either signal type within 3 hours of the scheduled closing time: Main Library, CML, & SMCL: Remain closed for the rest of the day


  1. Announcements regarding the exact re-opening time of the Library will be made on the Library homepage.
  2. During periods when the Academic Commons opens 24 hours, the Academic Commons will be closed if the Typhoon Signal No. 8 is issued.
  3. CML = Chinese Medicine Library ; SMCL = Shek Mun Campus Library

The above arrangements are for reference only, and may change according to circumstances. In the aftermath of typhoons and rainstorms, please refer to latest announcement on the Library homepage for details on the reopening of the Library and service levels.

Even if the Library reopens after inclement weather, you should consider local conditions and not venture outside if it is unsafe to do so. Further information on precautions to take during the passage of typhoons and occurrence of rainstorms can be found on the website of the Hong Kong Observatory.

Last updated: 31 August 2021