Temporary Access Suspension to JULAC Card Holders (9 April – 10 May 2024)

The entry of JULAC Card holders from other UGC-funded universities will be suspended during the examination period.

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Special and Archival Collections

Special Collections and Archives manages the following materials. For an overview, please see our brochure in Chinese or English.

We welcome access by any researchers. Users are advised to contact the section via phone (3411 5937) or email (libarc@hkbu.edu.hk) prior to visiting to discuss their information needs. Click here for the SCA User Services Guide.

Archives on the History of Christianity in China 基督教在華發展史文獻


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The Archives on the History of Christianity in China (AHC) is a rich collection of materials from the 19th century that support [see more…]

Contemporary China Research Collection


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The Contemporary China Research Collection was formed in the 1980s mainly with materials purchased from the Union Research Institute (友聯研究所).  Special Collections and [see more …]

Personal Papers and Organizational Records 個人手稿及機構歷史檔案


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A number of personal papers and organizational records are housed in Special Collections and Archives. A majority of them are related to the history of Christianity in [see more…]

University Archives


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The University Archives serves as the repository for the publications and historical records of the Hong Kong Baptist University. The Archives consists of publications from the [see more…]

Last updated: 09 January 2024