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External users, SCE / SCM diploma holders, and corporations may apply for a Library borrower card.

Applications should be made in the form of a letter detailing the genuine research need of the user/corporation to use the resources of HKBU Library. This should be sent to the User Services team by e-mail ( or by fax (3411-7372).

Service Package Details

External User SCE / SCM Diploma HoldersCorporation*
FeeHK$ 3000 (1 year)
/ HK$ 1500 (6 months)
HK$ 2000
(1 year)
HK$ 5000
(1 year)
Loan quota100 books 100 books100 books
Loan period20 weeks 20 weeks20 weeks
Access to Chinese Medicine Library?YesYesYes
Access to Shek Mun Campus Library?YesYesYes
Check-out multimedia items?NoNoNo
Remote access to electronic resources?NoNoNo

*Please note that only one borrower card will be issued to each corporation.

Submission of the completed application form and required supporting documents should be made within 3 months of receipt of the application by the Library. After that, any incomplete application will be discarded accordingly while the payment shall be forfeited to the University. To protect the personal data of applicants, the Library shall also dispose of the application record.

Last updated: 04 July 2024