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Policies & Regulations

  • Library RegulationsThe formal rules governing the operations of the University Library
  • Conduct of Users Detailed guidance on the standards expected from users of the Library’s facilities, collections, and services
    • User Behaviour Policy Formal sanctions may apply to those that persistently fall short of expected standards for library etiquette
    • Food & Drink Policy Sets out what food/drink items are allowed into the Library and where it is acceptable to consume them
    • Seat Occupation Policy Respect the rights of others to enjoy Library facilities by refraining from occupying seats with your personal belongings
    • Guidelines for Computer Use Details of how to use the computer workstations in the Library
    • Appropriate Use of E-Resources Misuse of e-resources can have major consequences, learn more here about what is not permissible
  • Privacy Policy The Library is committed to protecting your privacy
  • Social Media PolicyDetails of how the Library engages in the use of social media channels
  • Guidelines for Filming in the Library Information for students that want to film in the Library as part of an academic project

Last updated: 28 August 2020