Current Library service arrangements

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  • In general, non-alcoholic drinks in bottles or appropriate containers which are spill-proof with secure lids may be consumed anywhere in the Library. Lids should be kept on bottles and containers when they are not in use. Drinks that are not in spill-proof containers (beverages in aluminium cans, cardboard coffee/tea cups) can only be consumed in the Academic Commons of the Main Library.
  • In general, food is NOT allowed in the Library except within the Academic Commons of the Main Library, where light snacks similar to those provided by the vending machines in the Academic Commons are allowed. Meals and/or food such as lunch boxes, hot food, cup noodles, food in soup, fried chicken, fish ball, shao mai, etc. are not allowed. Additionally, family-size snacks or drinks are unacceptable, e.g. large bags of cookies, crisps, or big bottles of soft drinks, etc. are not allowed.
  • Library users in the Academic Commons should always keep the Library clean and dispose of any litter properly and immediately after consumption of snacks and drinks. Permission to consume snacks and drinks in the Academic Commons is meant to facilitate the provision of a user-friendly environment to enhance your study experience. However, users are reminded to respect the needs of others and NOT to abuse this provision. Your cooperation will help ensure that the Library is a welcoming place for all members of the University community.
  • The Library reserves the right to review/determine which food and drink items are acceptable and which are not as appropriate.
  • In order to discourage undesirable behaviour, the Library will take appropriate actions against users who breach the policy according to the User Behaviour Policy as necessary.

Last updated: 16 August 2019