Temporary Lift Closure from 10 May to 15 July

The lift will be used for moving books back to Levels 6 & 7.

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Major Noisy Works from 8 May to 7 June 2024

Concrete floor drilling on Levels 6 & 7

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23 records groups of personal papers and organizational records are housed in Special Collections and Archives. A majority of them are related to the history of Christianity in China and Hong Kong, thereby supporting the flagship “Archives on the History of Christianity in China” collection. Examples are: 

  • RG2  Papers of Rev. Princeton Hsu (徐松石), educator and historian 
  • RG3  Records of the Hong Kong-Macao Baptist Mission, 1955-1995 
  • RG19  Papers of Rev. Kwok Nai Wang (郭乃弘), a significant leader in the Hong Kong Christian community 

Other personal papers from prominent people include: 

  • RG13  Papers of Dr Elsie Tu (杜葉錫恩), a social activist and politician in Hong Kong most active between the 1960s to 1990s 
  • RG14  Papers of Prof Tse-tsung Chow (周策縱), a renowned scholar of traditional and modern Chinese literature, and Chinese history in particular the May Fourth Movement
  • RG20  Papers of Lin Nien-tung (林年同), an important figure for the Hong Kong film industry as well as an academic in Hong Kong Baptist College

Last updated: 08 January 2024