Temporary Lift Closure from 10 May to 15 July

The lift will be used for moving books back to Levels 6 & 7.

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Copyright provides important protection for intellectual property. Learn more about this topic, including how copyright affects your use of Library materials and other information.

  • Copyright and Library Materials Many items in the Library’s collections is protected by copyright, and it is important to understand how this affects your use of Library materials
  • Warning to Users of Copying Devices – Important advice concerning the copying of copyrighted materials using photocopiers, scanners, printers, mobile phones and other devices with copying function.
  • Copyright & Copywrong: Knowing the differenceProvides detailed information for those that want to deepen their knowledge of copyright
  • Fair DealingFind out more about the exceptions for teachers and students provided by copyright law
  • Course PacksInformation for those interested in using the course pack production service provided by the School of Continuing Education

Last updated: 09 June 2020