Temporary Lift Closure from 10 May to 15 July

The lift will be used for moving books back to Levels 6 & 7.

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Service Hours: Monday – Friday
9:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
(except Public Holidays)
Location:Level 4, Main Library
Tel:(852) 3411-5937
Fax:(852) 3411-5589
Guest Access:Application by e-mail

Special Collections & Archives
SCA, Level 4 of the Main Library

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Special Collections & Archives User Services Guide


Special Collections & Archives (SCA) is open to all users within and beyond HKBU. We are committed to providing effective access to our collections and materials while respecting privacy, confidentiality and preservation concerns. Non-HKBU users without JULAC cards or alumni cards need to contact SCA prior to their visit (tel.: 3411 5937; libarc@hkbu.edu.hk) so entry permissions can be arranged. We will respond to your email within one working day.

SCA collects published as well as archival materials. Some archival materials, including records and documents collected from individuals, organizations or HKBU, may be closed or restricted due to privacy or other reasons. Users of archival materials should contact SCA prior to their visit to discuss their information needs.

Upon entering SCA, users need to:

  • present their HKBU library cards or other identifications for non-HKBU users
  • sign in and out on the Visitor Register at the counter
  • fill in a New User Registration Form if they are first-time users. Please note that for privacy reasons, user registration information will expire in two years
  • ensure they put away any food or drinks
  • store their belongings in a cabinet provided
  • switch off their mobile phones or use the silent mode. The SCA reading area is a SILENT zone

USING SCA COLLECTION – General conditions

  • SCA is a closed stack area. Users need to fill in a Call Slip to request SCA material
  • While using the requested material in the SCA reading area, users’ library cards or other identifications will be kept at the counter until the material is returned
  • Users can request material to be reserved for their return use up to a week
  • Many items in the SCA collection are rare and/or fragile. Users will be directed to use digitized copies if available
  • When using physical materials, we ask that users observe the followings
    • Only use pencils to take notes
    • Do not mark or deface any material
    • Do not write on top of any material
    • Handle each item with care
    • Wear gloves provided to handle certain types of material

USING SCA COLLECTION – Published materials

  • Borrowing: Post-1949 published material in good conditions are available for a two-week loan for current HKBU staff and students only. Renewal is at the discretion of the SCA Librarian. A late return will incur an overdue fine at $2 per calendar day
  • All books should be returned to the SCA or the User Services Counter on 3/F. Please do NOT use the Book Drop to return materials
  • The following types of materials are not for loan:
    • Item signed by the author
    • Microform material
    • Reference material
    • University Archives material

USING SCA COLLECTION – Archival materials

  • Before requesting to use a particular archival collection, users are required first sign an to sign an Undertaking on Access and Use of Archival Materials and submit the signed undertaking to SCA staff prior to accessing any of the archival materials
  • Archival material is not for loan
  • Some archival material may be closed or restricted for a defined period. In the case of HKBU records, they will only be available to the originating offices during the closed period
  • Archival materials are generally open for study and research purposes, except
    • restricted by collection donors if the archival materials have been donated
    • when there are privacy or confidentiality concerns
    • when they are in poor physical conditions
  • Official records and papers in the University archives are subject to confidentiality restrictions with the following closure periods:
    • General administrative records – closed for 30 years from the date of creation
    • Governance records, including Council/Court/Senate records – closed for 50 years from the date of creation
    • Records containing personal and financial information such as employee/student/finance records – closed for 80 years from the date of creation
    • During the closure periods the records and papers shall be accessible to staff from the originating offices and SCA staff. Users can submit requests for access to the SCA Librarian, with information about their research and materials they wish to use
  • In addition to the Library-wide regulations and general conditions noted above, the followings are additional conditions for using archival materials:
    • Users can request multiple folders, but only one folder will be issued at a time for their use
    • Users must keep the original order in each file, folder or box
    • Users must notify staff if they notice any material out of place
  • Users shall remain in the SCA reading area under supervision while reading archival materials. If users need to leave the reading area for longer than 30 minutes, please inform the staff on duty


To know how to cite archival materials, please refer to the Library’s Citation LibGuide


  • Copying of SCA materials is for personal research and study purposes. Users will need to sign an Agreement on the Use of Photoduplication, Scanning and Digitization Services to ensure compliance with copyright and privacy legislations (Cap. 528 and Cap. 486)
  • SCA staff will also assess the condition of the item before copying to determine if users can use their own devices such as mobile phones or digital cameras for capture. Please note that no flash photography is allowed. For fragile items staff may photocopy for the user and charges will apply
  • If users want to publish any SCA materials, please consult the SCA Librarian to discuss copyright permissions


The following charges apply to SCA services. Fees are payable in cash at the SCA counter. Staff will issue an official receipt on request.

  • Self-service copying
    • Microform printing and scanning – $1 per page
    • Photocopying and printing – $0.3 per page for A4 size; $0.6 per page for A3 size
  • Staff-mediated copying/scanning service for fragile materials or high-quality images output
    • $2 per image
    • For a request of 20 images or more, image processing surcharge will apply based on actual staff time spent on the request
  • Supply of digital images
    • $5 per 20 images (or part thereof) if already digitized
    • If any images need additional processing to create high-quality output, the $2 per image charge and image processing surcharge for 20 images or more will apply
  • Overdue fine: $2 per calendar day with no grace period

Last updated: 01 August 2023