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The Library's online system will undergo scheduled maintenance on 5 Dec from 12am to 2am.

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Reminder: Enhanced COVID-19 control measures for all Library users

Vaccine or negative test results needed to access HKBU campuses

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1. Opening Hours

The opening hours of the Library are determined by the University Librarian according to the demand for library use and the availability of staff. Details of opening hours are displayed at the entrance of the Library and on the library website.

2. Admission

2.1   Admission to the Library is conditional upon the presentation of a valid University Identity Card or a library card.

2.2   Visitors are admitted only with the permission of the University Librarian or the most senior member of the Library staff on duty.

3. Library Membership

3.1   All Hong Kong Baptist University staff members and students are to obtain the appropriate University Identity Cards from the Human Resources Office and the Academic Registry respectively.

3.2   The following persons will be granted borrowing privileges (unless otherwise stated) on completing the application procedures:

3.2.1   Members of the Court.

3.2.2   Members of the Council.

3.2.3   Members of the Council Committees.

3.2.4   Members of Hong Kong Baptist University Foundation.

3.2.5   Full-time staff members of the Hong Kong Baptist University affiliated organizations (selected).

3.2.6   All JULAC Library Card Holders.

3.2.7   Retired staff members as defined by the Human Resources Office.

3.2.8   Spouses and dependent children (aged 15 or above) of HKBU full-time staff (access to the Library for reading purposes only)*

3.2.9   Hong Kong Baptist University graduates (HKBC Diploma, 4th year Honors Diploma, HKBU Bachelor/Master/Doctoral Degree Holders, HKBU Postgraduate Certificate/Diploma, HKBU Associate Degree and Higher Diploma Holders).

3.2.10  Students of the School of Continuing Education Programmes as approved by the University Librarian.

3.2.11  Such other persons approved by the University Librarian from time to time for a specified period.

–   Persons listed in 3.2.9, 3.2.10, 3.2.11 above are required to pay a non-refundable fee.

–   Holders of HKBU Alumni Card are not automatically eligible to apply for a Graduate Library Card.

3.3   The following personnel will be granted borrowing privileges by using a card (departmental card) issued to Schools/Faculties, academic departments or research units of the University.

3.3.1   Visiting Scholars who will stay at the University for less than three months.

3.3.2   Full-time Research Assistants who are recruited through the University’s Human Resources Office for a period of less than three months.

*   At the discretion of the most senior Library staff member on duty, staff dependent children under 15 may be admitted to the Library on the condition that he/she be accompanied by his/her parent at all times.

4. Conduct of Library Users

4.1   Wet umbrellas and wet raincoats may not be brought into the Library.

4.2   Mobile phones and other beeping/ringing devices must be turned to silent in the Library at all times.

4.3   Smoking (including the vaping of e-cigarettes) is not permitted in the Library.

4.4   Requests for filming, recording, and photography involving the use of professional equipment in the Library must be approved by the Library in advance. Requests for personal event photography (e.g. wedding photography) will not be approved. The use of smartphone/tablet cameras is generally allowed, but their use must not cause discomfort or inconvenience to others. Library staff and other Library users must not be photographed without their permission. Notwithstanding the foregoing provisions, all filming, recording, and photography is prohibited in the reading area of the Library’s Special Collections & Archives.

4.5   In general, non-alcoholic drinks in appropriate spill-proof containers may be consumed anywhere in the Library. Drinks in other types of containers and light snacks may be consumed in designated areas, such as the Academic Commons. Detailed information on food and drink policies is posted on the Library website, and signage is displayed in the Library as appropriate to remind users of the regulations.

4.6   Levels 5-7 are SILENT study areas and talking is not allowed on these floors. Other areas of the Library (e.g. designated areas on Level 4, and the Academic Commons on Levels 2 and 3) can accommodate discussion at levels necessary to engage in the teaching and learning activities that are allowed in those areas. Notwithstanding this accommodation, users in these areas of the Library should refrain from creating excessive noise likely to cause disturbance to others.

4.7   Reservation of seats is normally not permitted except in cases where an official reservation application is approved by the Library. Books and personal property left unattended in open library carrels or on unreserved tables will be removed by library staff without prior notice to the owner.

4.8   All library furniture, equipment and library materials must be kept clean. With the exception of the Academic Commons where more flexible learning arrangements are allowed, all library furniture should be kept in their original positions.

4.9   Personal belongings must not be left unattended in the Library. The Library does not accept any responsibility for the loss of personal belongings in the Library.

4.10  Books and other items which are property of the Library must not be mutilated or defaced. The full replacement and the administrative costs will be charged for any damage caused by the offender. The University Librarian will take actions to prevent the offender from using the Library for a period of time and will refer the case to the Director of Student Affairs for further disciplinary actions.

4.11  When using photocopiers/scanners/cameras to reproduce Library materials, the law regarding copyright must be observed. Reproduction or duplication of any portion of an audio-visual work or computer software is strictly prohibited. Users are warned that they are fully responsible for any legal consequences concerning copyright infringement that may arise.

4.12  When using Library-subscribed e-resources, users must not systematically download excessive amounts of content. They must also refrain from redistributing or reproducing Library-subscribed content. Further information on the appropriate use of e-resources is posted on the Library website.

4.13  Library users will be held responsible for loss or damage to any library materials whilst in their charge. Any defect or damage to a book should be reported to the Supervisor of the Circulation Section immediately when it is noticed.

4.14  The posting of unapproved flyers and signs, and the unauthorized distribution of pamphlets and other literature, is not allowed within library buildings. Prior permission must be obtained from the Information Services Section at the Au Shue Hung Memorial Library, the Librarian of the Chinese Medicine Library, or from the Librarian of the Shek Mun Campus Library as appropriate. Unauthorized materials will be removed from Library premises.

5. Borrowing Regulations

Holders of valid Student Identity Cards, Staff Identity Cards, Borrower Cards and JULAC Cards may borrow library materials according to the following conditions:

5.1   Completion of loan procedures: Library materials in the circulating collection must be checked out at an appropriate counter or at a self-check machine before they can be taken out of the Library.

5.2   Presentation of I.D. Card or Borrower Card: Student Identity Cards, Staff Identity Cards, JULAC Cards or Borrower Cards must be produced when borrowing library materials.

5.3   Borrowing quota:

5.3.1   General Collection

Category of BorrowersLoan
Period (weeks)
Max. Loan LengthLoan Quota
Postgraduate, HKBU Self-funded Postgraduate20Unlimited300
SCE, SCM Part-time100
Faculty & Staff
Academic / Teaching / Administrative Staff / Part-time Lecturer20Unlimited400
Non-teaching Staff100
Departmental Card Holder
SCE Part-time Lecturer
Member of the Court, the Council and the Council Committees (non-HKBU Staff)20Unlimited100
Emeritus President / Professor
Retired Staff Member
Century Club / Graduate / Special / Corporate Borrower
JULAC Card Holder10

5.3.2   Other Collections

Category of BorrowersType of MaterialsLoan PeriodMax. Loan LengthLoan Quota
Academic, Teaching, Administrative Equivalent Staff, Non-teaching Staff & Part-time LecturerMultimedia Items7 days21 days60
Student*, Departmental Card Holder & SCE Part-time Lecturer30
HKBU Graduate* & Retired Staff Member*5
HKBU Academic EquivalentHKALL Books30 days90 days30#
HKBU Non-teaching Staff & Postgraduate Student15#
HKBU Undergraduate & Associate Degree Student15 days45 days
(except JULAC Card Holder, Retired Staff & Special Borrower)
Popular Books7 days21 dayscounted as general books in the loan quota
ALLCourse Readings4 hours4 hours2 at a time
24 hours24 hours
48 hours48 hours

–   Course Readings items on 4-hour loan can be checked out for overnight use within less than four hours before closing, and must be returned on the next opening day.

–   For loan policy and terms of use of multimedia materials, please refer to the library website.

*   Microforms (MF) can only be used inside the Multimedia Learning Centre.

#   HKALL books also count against the General loan quota.


5.3.3   Restrictions: Certain items in the Library’s circulating collections may not be made available for borrowing to specified borrower types. Such restrictions may be imposed for reasons including (but not limited to) copyright and licensing.

5.4   Course Readings collection:

5.4.1   Loan periods for materials from the Course Readings Collection are shorter than those for normal loans.

5.4.2   Materials are available for overnight loan and should be charged out within less than four hours before closing time and returned when the Library opens on the next opening day.

5.4.3   Materials on longer loan periods should be returned by the designated time on the due day.

5.4.4   Library materials in the circulating collection may be moved to the Course Readings Collection and the loan period shortened when such library materials are found to be heavily demanded by users.

5.5   Special permission: Library materials other than the circulating collection are not normally allowed to be checked out of the Library. Under exceptional circumstances, faculty, staff and student members may obtain special permission from the University Librarian or the most senior member of library staff on duty to borrow such materials for a short period.

5.6   Return and renewal: All materials borrowed must be returned on or before the due date. Items may be renewed either in the Library or through My Library Account. Renewal is not allowed for certain categories of borrowed materials (e.g. laptops, course readings). No loan may be renewed if the item has been requested by another borrower / reached the maximum loan length (please refer to 5.3 for details). The renewed items may be subject to recall.

5.7   Fines: Fines for the late return of materials borrowed will be calculated according to the official opening hours/days of the Library and will be charged as follows:

Loan TypeOverdue Fine PayableMaximum Fine
General Collection$0
(Except recalled items)
HKALL General Books$2 per day
(3-day grace period*)
Recalled General Books & Recalled HKALL Books$4 per day
(3-day grace period*)
Popular Books & Multimedia Items$2 per day
(3-day grace period*)
Course Readings$2 per hour
(10-minute grace period)
Special Materials
(e.g. Reference, Serials, Special Collections, etc.)
$2 per day
(no grace period)
Laptops & Tablets$20 per hour$1,000

*   Grace period is counted by calendar days.

A library user reaching the fine ceiling (which is HK$150) will be suspended from library borrowing, renewal, hold privileges, and remote access to library e-resources. Any outstanding library fines must be settled prior to user’s departure from the University, or upon graduation/suspension/new application for a library card. Graduating students with outstanding fines and/or loaned items will have their diplomas/transcripts withheld accordingly.

5.8   Overdue notices: Five overdue notices will be sent to the borrower at regular intervals if the borrowed item(s) is/are overdue and have not yet been returned to the Library. The 1st to 5th overdue notice will be sent to the borrower on the 1st, 7th, 14th, 28th and 42nd day after the due date respectively. Non-receipt of the overdue notices will not be accepted as an excuse for waiving or reducing the overdue fines.

5.9   Assumed lost: Any material which has reached the maximum overdue fines and has not been returned or claimed returned but not found in the Library, will be assumed to have been lost by the borrower who will be charged accordingly. Charges will include the processing cost, the replacement cost and the fines accrued. All paid funds are non-refundable.

5.10  Recalls: Books requested by other borrowers may be recalled three weeks after they have been on regular loan. Under certain circumstances, such as recataloguing or transferring of materials to the Course Readings collection, the Library may recall a book which has been borrowed for less than three weeks. The recalled materials will be regarded as overdue starting on the twenty second day of issuance of the notice. There will be a higher overdue fine for the recalled items. In case a book is requested by two or more users, the loan period will be two weeks as long as there is still a hold request on the book. Recalled books will be held for 6 working days at the User Services Counter once the Library has notified the requestor. After 6 working days, the unclaimed recalled books will be passed to the next requestor or put back on the shelf.
Given that library materials may be recalled and the loan period shortened, users should return materials issued to them if they plan on being away from Hong Kong for an extended period.

5.11  Damage and loss of library materials: Any damage to library materials must be reported immediately to library staff on duty. Borrowers will be responsible for any loss, mutilation, damage or disfigurement by writing or other marks while the materials are in their charge, and they may be requested to pay the full value of the replacement in addition to a binding and processing charge. The damaged or lost materials later found will remain the property of the University Library and should be returned to the Library even if replacement costs have been paid. The Library will consider it a violation of the University’s regulations and may take appropriate action(s) according to existing procedures.

5.12  Departure from the University: Staff and students are responsible for returning all library materials issued to them and settling all outstanding fines/charges prior to their departure from the University.

6. Others

6.1   Book reservations: A book reservation service is provided for all library users with the borrowing privilege.

6.2   Loss of cards: Loss of library cards or University I.D. Cards must be reported to the User Services Counter immediately. The card holders will be held responsible for the return of all the books borrowed.

6.3   Inspection of library materials and personal belongings: Notwithstanding the installation of an electronic security system in the Library, at the request of a Library staff member or a security guard all library materials and personal belongings must be shown for inspection at the library exit. Library users may also be asked to show the contents of their bags, cases or other kinds of receptacles.

6.4   Exclusions:

6.4.1   Borrowers who have exceeded the fine ceiling of HK$150 will be suspended from borrowing until the matter has been settled.

6.4.2   Borrowers who refuse to pay for books damaged or lost while on loan to them or to pay fines accrued on overdue books or who consistently refuse to observe regulations will be barred from the Library. The Library reserves the right to exclude any person who has infringed any of the Library Regulations from applying for or renewing a Library card.

6.4.3   Users who have been discovered mutilating library materials or carrying out non-issued library materials may be barred from the use of the library services for a set period of time and face disciplinary action. The Library reserves the right to have their names posted at the entrance of the Library.

6.4.4   Any user who violates any of the Library Regulations or acts in any way which may interfere with the convenience of other users of the Library or with the normal routine of the Library may be excluded from the Library for a set period of time by the University Librarian or the most senior member of the library staff on duty.

6.5   Special rules and waiving of regulations:

6.5.1   The University Librarian may from time to time make special regulations regarding admission to and use of particular areas of the Library.

6.5.2   As warranted by special circumstances, the University Librarian may make rules or waive any of the Library Regulations temporarily if he/she deems it to be in the best interest of the Library.

Last updated: 15 September 2021