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To further enhance the computing facilities for users, the Shek Mun Campus Library (SMCL) introduces a laptop loaning service to Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) academic staff and students. The devices support Wi-Fi access in the Library. Please read the following guidelines carefully before checking out. 

  1. Eligibility
    1. Current Hong Kong Baptist University faculty, staff and students (with the exception of Alumni, Graduate, JULAC card users, etc.) are eligible to borrow the laptops in Shek Mun Campus Library.
    2. Presentation of a valid HKBU staff / student ID card in-person at the User Services Counter of Shek Mun Campus Library.
    3. The borrower’s account must be in good standing without being blocked by library fines or suspension.
  2. Loan policy and procedures
    1. Borrowing
      1. The laptops are available for loan one hour after library opens and one hour before library closes.
      2. Each borrower is eligible to check out one laptop at a time on a first-come first-served basis. No advance booking / hold is available.
      3. Borrowers must take the appliance assigned to them by library staff unless it malfunctions.
      4. Borrower’s HKBU ID card will be held at the User Services Counter of SMCL until the device is properly returned.
      5. Borrowers cannot check out the appliances for other individuals, nor do they have the authority to lend the devices to others.
      6. Students should use the loaned devices within Shek Mun Campus Library. Taking the devices out of the Library is not permitted.
      7. Borrowers have to examine the physical conditions of the laptops, such as LCD monitor, carrying case, mouse, and other accessories upon each checkout. Report to the duty staff immediately should there be any malfunctions.
      8. Borrowers cannot add / remove / modify any hardware or software in the devices. Any change of appearance is also prohibited.
    2. Loan period and renewal
      1. The laptops can be checked out for a normal period of 4 hours, and is not renewable.
      2. The latest due date and time can be checked by login to My Library Account or on the due date slip in the carrying bag.
      3. Users should not check out the laptops overnight.
    3. Returning
      1. Borrowers must return the devices at the User Services Counter of SMCL in-person by the end of the loan period or one hour prior to the library closing time, whichever comes first.
      2. Borrowers should turn on the laptops when returning to the User Services Counter for inspection.
      3. Borrowers should report any defects or malfunctions to duty staff immediately on returning the machines.
      4. Do not put the laptops into the Book Drop for return. Overdue fine, special charges and/or suspension of library privileges may result for returning via the Book Drop.
  3. Fines, Damage and Replacement Charges
    1. Overdue fine: $20 / hour, maximum fine $1000. Fines for a full hour apply when the laptop is less than one hour late.
    2. The patron record will be blocked when the overdue fine reaches $150.
    3. Any loaned device which has reached the maximum overdue fine and has not been returned will be assumed to have been lost by the borrower. The borrower has to pay for the replacement of the missing item(s).
    4. Lost item / Damage charge: the actual cost incurred.
    5. Library processing or administrative fee: $60
    6. Borrowers are financially responsible for the appliances and accessories.
    7. Failure to pay the fines and/or charges will result in the suspension of the library privileges until the payment is settled.
    8. All paid fines are not refundable.
  4. Data storage
    1. The laptops are equipped with “reborn software” which will erase all data or documents after shutdown or re-booting. Files saved on the laptops earlier cannot be retrieved.
    2. Users have to save all their work onto their own external storage devices and the Library will not be held responsible for any loss of data.
  5. Wi-Fi printing
    1. The devices are installed with Wi-Fi print driver. Users may click on the “Print” option of the application software to access the designated printer in SMCL which is Octopus-operated at a charge.
  6. Getting help
    1. Users are expected to be self-directed in the use of software installed on the laptops. For inquiries or assistance in hardware support, please contact SMCL staff in-person, by phone at 3411-3172, or by email to
  7. Liability
    1. NEVER leave the devices unattended. Borrowers are fully responsible for taking care of the machines and accessories they borrow and liable for the cost of repair or replacement if there is any damage, loss or theft to the equipment.
    2. The appliances are loaned to users on the strict understanding that they are to be used solely for academic or educational purposes.
    3. Users are required to observe the copyright laws concerned when using the loaned devices at all time, and are held responsible for any consequences arising from inappropriate uploading and downloading of the copyright-protected files.
    4. Should there be any leakage of personal data due to failure to logout properly by the user; the Library shall not be responsible for the consequences that may arise.
    5. The above guideline is subject to review and change by Hong Kong Baptist University Library as appropriate without prior notice.

Last updated: 12 August 2021