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Click here for a quick guide of the Room Booking System.

Group Viewing Rooms

Group Viewing Room at SMCL

There are nine Group Viewing Rooms that accommodate from three to six persons for group study and for viewing or listening to AV materials. Interested staff and students should make reservations online.

Walk-in users may register at the User Services Counter provided that a room is available. Watching pirated materials in the Library is prohibited. Users must obtain approval from Library staff in advance if they want to use their personal materials for studying purposes. 

Multi-Purpose Room

Multi-Purpose Room at SMCL

The Multi-Purpose Room is mainly for library user education. Online booking is available for users whenever the room is not scheduled for workshops or seminars. It is equipped with equipment for instruction use. Walk-in users may register at the User Services Counter provided that the room is available. 


The Group Viewing (GV) Rooms and Multi-Purpose (MP) Room may be reserved:

  • By eligible Library users
  • For using audio-visual materials or group study
  • For using personal, non-pirated materials only for educational purposes
  • For up to 2.5 hours per session
  • Once per day and a maximum of 3 times per week for the same group of users


  • All bookings should be done online.
  • Walk-in users may book the room via the room booking system or at the User Services Counter on condition that the rooms are available.
  • Cancellation of bookings can only be done before the start of the booking period.
  • Users should return the room to its original state and leave promptly at the end of their booking period.
  • To fully utilize resources, users are reminded to avoid over-bookings and release the reserved rooms for other users in case of cancellation or early leave. Do not leave the room unattended.

Check In / Check Out

  • To check in, tap THREE user cards (1 registered user’s card, plus 2 other eligible users’ cards) on the card reader in specific order at the booking time. Users can access the room with any of the three user cards during the booking period.
  • Each user card can access only one room at a time. Double registration is not allowed.
  • If a group is more than 15 minutes late, the booking is no longer in force and another group can take the room for the rest of that booking via the room booking system. Library staff reserves the right to reassign the rooms to other users in such cases.
  • To check out, bring along all your personal belongings and leave the room with the door closed.
  • Please turn off the lights and AV equipment after use.

Conduct of Users

  • Users should keep the Rooms neat and tidy and take good care of all computing and AV equipment.
  • Do not leave any valuables unattended. The Library is not responsible for any loss or damage to personal items.
  • Unattended items left for an extended period of time may be removed by library staff without prior notice.
  • The Library reserves the right to inspect the rooms even if it is in use and release empty rooms to other users.
  • The Library may request users who misuse the rooms to leave the rooms and the Library immediately. Appropriate follow-up actions will be taken according to the User Behaviour Policy.
  • Users are required to observe the Library regulations in addition to the above terms.

For enquiries, please contact SMCL User Services Counter at 3411-3172. Thank you. 

Last updated: 01 March 2023