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「當代中國基督教發展剪報數據庫」為本館其中一個館藏數碼化項目。旨為有興趣人士提供資料,作教育或研究之用。數據庫載有 1660 篇剪報的索引,供公眾透過互聯網免費查閱。 

此批剪報搜羅自 1950 至 1976 年於 9 個國家或地區出版的中英文報章及期刊,共約 123 種。主要報導中國政府的宗教政策和基督教在中國發展的情況。全數由「友聯研究所」 搜集得來。當中不乏一些值得研究的題目,包括「三自愛國運動」、教會和神學院的發展、有關天主教徒和基督教徒的審訊,如龔品梅事件。 



The Christianity in Contemporary China Clippings Database is one of the Hong Kong Baptist University Library’s digitization projects available for educational and research purposes via the World Wide Web free of charge. The 1660 newspaper and periodical clippings, spanning from 1950 to 1976, were originally collected by the Union Research Institute from approximately 123 Chinese and English language newspapers and periodicals, published in 9 countries or regions. 

These clippings focus on Chinese government policies on religions and the development of Christianity in China from 1950 through 1976. Topics of special interest include ‘Three-self Movement’, the development of churches and seminaries, and the treatment of some Christians and Catholics such as 龔品梅 in China 

There are basic and advanced search methods in this database. Users can search the clippings by topics, headlines, authors, newspaper or periodical titles, and/or place and date of publication. After selecting the records, users can retrieve the clippings at the Special Collections & Archives. 

Last updated: 04 August 2019