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Learning Events 23/24

February - March 2024

Library Learning Events in Sem 2 AY2023/24

Learning Events aim to facilitate whole person education. A variety of topics are covered, including language learning, information literacy, information technology skills, and more. Events are facilitated by experts from the University’s academic and administrative departments.

Participation in our Learning Events is recognized under the University’s Co-Curricular Learning (CCL) programme. Depending on the length of the Event, participants will receive a half credit or full credit. Please refer to individual Event descriptions for details of CCL status.

Note: In order to claim CCL credit, you must attend the workshop. Additionally, you must submit the Learning Event Evaluation online form within the same day as the workshop.

Learning EventDateTimeFormat / Venue
Sustainability on Campus & SDG Online28 Feb 20243:00 – 4:00 PMOnline via Zoom *
文學與電影 Literature and films1 Mar 20243:30 – 5:20 PMCollaborative Computer Laboratory (L4 MLC)
Journey Around the World: Exploring Travel Poster Collections and National Geographic Magazine Archive6 Mar 20242:30 – 3:30 PMCollaborative Computer Laboratory (L4 MLC)
追溯香港: 運用統計數據認識社會發展軌跡 Tracing Hong Kong: Recognize Social Changes through Statistics7 Mar 20242:30 – 3:30 PMOnline via Zoom *
投考香港公務員語文要求淺談 A brief introduction to the language requirement for the civil service recruitment examination8 Mar 20244:30 – 6:20 PMCollaborative Computer Laboratory (L4 MLC)
Talking about Table Manners Workshop11 Mar 20244:30 – 6:20 PMCollaborative Computer Laboratory (L4 MLC)
粤語懶音辨識與改正 Cantonese lazy tone identification and correction13 Mar 20249:30 – 11:20 AMCollaborative Computer Laboratory (L4 MLC)
[Event Cancelled] Speaking Practice for TOEFL Test13 Mar 20244:30 – 6:20 PMCollaborative Computer Laboratory (L4 MLC)
Fact-checking Fundamentals with HKBU Fact Check15 Mar 20242:30 – 3:30 PMCollaborative Computer Laboratory (L4 MLC)
More sessions are being added. Stay tuned!

* Before joining the online session, it is important that to setup an HKBU Zoom account.

You should do this even if you have used Zoom before with a different account. For logistical and security reasons, you will NOT be able to join the session with a non-HKBU Zoom account.

To setup your HKBU Zoom account, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to and click the “Sign in” button:
  2. Sign in with your HKBU SSOid, and your HKBU Zoom account will be created.