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Re-Envisioning Myriad Happenings: Through Digital Lens

Re-Envisioning Myriad Happenings: Through Digital Lens

27 Apr - 28 Jun, 2023

Tddc, Level 2, Au Shue Hung Memorial Library


數字技術對日常生活的日益滲透常常引發人們對科技、自然環境以及人類日常生活三者之間關係的思辨和討論。作為2023 深港澳數字設計三城展的香港部分,展覽「創想萬物:數字之鏡 」旨在探索數字技術的多元維度,及討論其如何啟發或引導藝術家和觀者重新審視、想象、塑造出一系列與眾不同的視覺景觀與觀看方式。展覽呈現了出身或定居於香港、擁有多元文化和創作背景的八位藝術家的作品。展覽作品涉及了多種數字技術,例如AI人工智能、3D掃描及打印、大數據,亦涵蓋了不同的藝術門類,包括繪畫、版畫、雕塑、影像、音樂、社群藝術等。展覽包含兩個板塊:分別是第一部分“凝視自然之瞬息:植物、身體、海洋”和第二部分“重塑日常記憶:倫敦魚市與香港灣仔”。以世間萬物的瞬息變化或微觀世界為題材,其內容由圖表學角度呈現的蘭之根到基於日常生活數據集合的石頭圖像,從淚的微觀形態到異化的女性身體,再從新西蘭海岸某一個瞬間景色的多樣化視覺表現到倫敦魚市以及香港灣仔關於城市日常生活的個人和集體記憶。

Re-Envisioning Myriad Happenings: Through Digital Lens

“Re-Envisioning Myriad Happenings: Through Digital Lens” at Hong Kong Baptist University, as the Hong Kong section of the 2023 Shenzhen-Hong Kong-Macao Digital Design Exhibition, attempts to offer a new perspective and a possible solution for the growing tension and dilemma between technological advancement and the concerns about the natural environment and human cognition, emotion, and interaction. It aims at exploring how the use of or inspiration from digital technology could have expanded or changed our vision of myriad happenings in the world. The exhibition features the works of art created by eight Hong Kong-based artists from diverse cultural and training backgrounds. The exhibited creative works involve various digital technologies, e.g., AI technology, 3D scanning and printing, big data, and different forms of art, including painting, printmaking, sculpture, video art, music, community art, etc. The exhibition consists of two sections: Section one “Contemplating Nature: Plants, Bodies, Ocean” and section two “Collecting Memories: London Fish Market and Wan Chai Hong Kong”. The subjects range from the orchids’ roots from a diagrammatological microperspective to the stone imagery shaped from the datasets of our everyday lives, from the forms of tears to the distorted female bodies, and from the many lives of a momentary seascape in New Zealand to the personal and collective memories of urban life in London Fish Market and Wan Chai of Hong Kong.