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New E-Resources: 新增中國近代中英報文資料庫内容 Enhancement of the Newspapers of Modern China Database

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09 Sep 2019

New E-resources:
新增中國近代中英報文資料庫内容 Enhancement of the Newspapers of Modern China Database


To expand collection coverage, the Library has recently purchased additional content for the Newspapers of Modern China Database:

上海圖書館《全國報刊索引》Shanghai Library Newspapers

中國近代英文報紙 English Newspapers of Modern China

《大美晚報》(1929-1949)1929年4月在上海創刊,是美商在上海創辦最早的晚報。該報以旅居上海美國僑民為主要對象,着重報導美國和其他西方僑民在中國的活動。1930年8月《文匯西報》併入該報後更名為 The Shanghai Evening Post & Mercury。1933年增設中文版,至1949年6月停刊。

The Shanghai Evening Post & Mercury (1929-1949): Founded in April 1929 in Shanghai, The Shanghai Evening Post was the first evening newspaper established by American businessmen in the region. In August 1930, it merged with The Shanghai Mercury and renamed The Shanghai Evening Post & Mercury. A Chinese version was added in 1933. In June 1949, the newspaper ceased publication.


The Shanghai Times (1925-1943): The Shanghai Times was based in Shanghai and focused on the Far East region. At its height, it trailed only The North-China Daily News and The Shanghai Evening Post & Mercury in circulation, ranking the third among the English newspapers in Shanghai. Due to its pro-Russian and pro-Japanese editorial stance, the newspaper is a valuable source in studying this turbulent period of Chinese history.

《上海晚郵》(1869-1874);《上海差報》(1878-1884);《中華快報》(1876-1878):1868年英國報人休·郎(Lang Hugh)在上海創辦《上海差報》(The Shanghai Courier),不久改名為《上海晚郵》。1875年《上海晚郵》與《正風西報》合併,更名為《中華快報》繼續出版。1878年4月又改回《上海差報》,直至1889年被《文匯西報》兼併。

The Shanghai Evening Courier(1869-1874), The Shanghai Courier(1878-1884), and The Shanghai Courier & China Gazette(1876-1878):
In 1868, the British newspaper publisher Lang Hugh founded The Shanghai Courier in Shanghai, and later renamed it as The Shanghai Evening Courier, which merged with The Evening Gazette in 1875 and continued to be published with the title The Shanghai Courier & China Gazette; in April 1878, it changed its name back to The Shanghai Courier until 1889 when it merged with The Shanghai Mercury.

中國近代中文報紙 Chinese Newspapers of Modern China

《小報》 (1897-1949)所謂小報,是相較於大報。小報的版面較小,內容取材偏重於消閒娛樂,如小說、隨筆、小品文、電影、戲劇、舞蹈等。小報的獨特文化趣味,反映了市井百態,也是當時的人對通俗文學和現代都市的集體想像。所收錄的四百餘種小報中, 包括有發行量最大的《晶報》,趣報金剛報》、《小日報羅賓漢等均有二十年以上出版歷史, 為民國研究提供豐富史料

The Tabloids (1897-1949): Tabloid newspapers are smaller than broadsheet newspapers and emphasize leisure and entertainment, including novels, essays, and trends in film, theater, dance, etc. They provide a window into the life and culture of the time. Numerous talented scholars and tabloid writers contributed, and together they shaped the collective conception of popular culture and modern cities during this period of Chinese history.


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