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20 Aug 2020

New E-resources

LinkedIn Learning

This online education platform provides over 5,000 courses focused on the development of business, technology, and creative skills. Each course is developed and led by experts, and the platform will provide you with recommendations based on your interests.

If you choose to connect your LinkedIn account, you will be able to display the courses that you have completed on your LinkedIn profile, showcasing your growing expertise.

The number of licenses available to eligible HKBU users is limited and are allocated on a first-come first-served basis. To help ensure that everyone in the University community has an opportunity to access the platform, all students with a registered license will be removed at the conclusion of each semester. Additionally, inactive users of all types (including faculty/staff) will be removed periodically.

Please note that the removal of your access to LinkedIn Learning will not affect your connected LinkedIn account. Your learning history will also be retained.


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