Temporary Access Suspension to JULAC Card Holders (9 April – 10 May 2024)

The entry of JULAC Card holders from other UGC-funded universities will be suspended during the examination period.

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The service is available for held books with pickup location at the Main Library. It allows patrons to optionally pay a service charge to have held books delivered via SF Express (delivery time within 1-3 working days).

Save your time and effort from pick-up hold books at the Main Library. Use the Held Book Delivery Service now!

Patrons may choose to have their held books delivered either door-to-door, via the SF locker service, or its stores.

Number of BooksService Charge (HKD)


  1. Service charges are set on a cost-recovery basis.
  2. The maximum number of books per order is 8.
  3. Orders for Oversize books are not accepted.

i) Sign into your Library Account:

Sign into your Library Account.

ii) Click the “Request” tab and click the “HELD BOOK DELIVERY” link.

Click the Request tab and click the HELD BOOK DELIVERY link.

iii) mouse cursor entries with truck icon *

Click entries with Accept Order.

* Orders are accepted only for held books that have been successfully located and placed at the Main Library’s User Services Counter, pending for users to pick up. 

iv) Your selected entry will be added to “My Selections” pending for payment, and the delivery fee will display.

v)mouse cursor “Continue” to proceed.

Click Continue to proceed.

vi) Carefully read the service terms. If accepted, mouse cursor “Yes”.

Carefully read the service terms. If accepted, click Yes.

vii) Fill in the order form and mouse cursor“Next”.

Fill in the order form and click Next.

viii) If no modification of the order form is required, mouse cursor “Confirm & Pay”.

If no modification of the order form is required, click Confirm and Pay.

ix) Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the payment process:

Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the payment process.

x) Upon order delivery, you will receive a text message from SF Express.

  • When the Library packs held books for the courier to pick up, they will be checked out to borrower accounts, and notification mails will be sent to the borrowers accordingly.
  • Orders cannot be modified after packed, and the delivery fees paid will not be refundable.
  • If you need to track orders, please contact SF Express HK.
  • For any unsuccessful deliveries (e.g. due to provision of incorrect address, failure to pick up the order from locker by the expiry date, courier not being able to reach you, etc.), borrowers will be charged an administration fee (HKD10 per order) accordingly.
  • Under the following circumstances, order requests will NOT be accepted:
    • The expiry date of your borrower record is less than 14 days before the order date.
    • Charges accrued to your borrower record have exceeded the fine ceiling (HKD150).

Last updated: 28 June 2022