Limited Library Access to JULAC Card Holders (20 November – 26 December 2023)

The entry of JULAC Card holders from other UGC-funded universities will be limited during the examination period.

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Users may request the following types of material through the Library’s OneSearch system:

  • General books
    1. Checked-out books: You can pick up the item at a library of your choice when it becomes available for you.
    2. Inter-branch transfer: You may request an available item to be transferred to a different library for pick up
    3. Newly-received books (Item with the location “In-Process”): Upon receipt of your request, the book will be prioritized for cataloguing.
  • Items in storage
    1. Items with the location “In Storage” / “Stitch-bound books”

You will receive an email notification when requested materials are ready for pick up.

The deadline for picking up requested materials is 8 working days. 

Last updated: 20 April 2023