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Consensus is an AI-powered tool designed to help students and researchers to quickly summarize and understand scholarly papers. It is a search engine that uses natural language processing techniques to analyze and extract key information from research articles, providing concise summaries and highlighting important points.

Please note that Consensus is not a chatbot like ChatGPT, but uses the same technology to make the research process more efficient.

The Library has arranged to provide unlimited access to Consensus’s premium features to the HKBU community. Simply register for an account with your HKBU email address.

How can it help you?

Enhanced understanding of a research question

The Synthesize function provides a Summary and Consensus Meter that helps you to quickly get a sense of what the literature says about your question.

Efficient literature research

Each article on Consensus is summarized in one or two sentences in the context of your question. This can help you quickly select papers to read in more detail.

Filter results by study types and details

You can refine your searches based on study type (e.g. meta analysis, systematic review, RCT, case report) and study details (e.g. controlled studies, human studies, sample size) using the filters on the search results page.

Where does the data come from?

Consensus data comes from the Semantic Scholar database, which includes over 200 million academic papers from various disciplines, sourced from publisher partnerships, data providers, and web crawls. Consensus updates its dataset monthly.

Last updated: 10 November 2023