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With the goal of systematically collecting data to assess the quality of library services to inform improvements, the Library conducted the LibOUAL+ survey from 10 November to 1 December 2023. LibOUAL+ is an international survey instrument developed and administered by the Association of Research Libraries (ARL) in the United States.

This was the third time our Library took part in LibQUAL+ survey. HKBU Library was one of eight JULAC (UGC-funded) libraries running the survey as part of a consortium. The other participating JULAC libraries included CUHK, CityU, EdUHK, PolyU, HKUST, Lingnan, and HKU.

Highlights of the 2023 Survey Results


A good number of responses were received. 1,013 valid surveys from HKBU students, faculty, and staff were completed:

Measurement of Library Service Quality and user satisfaction

Three key service dimensions of service quality were rated in the survey:

Affect of Service: User service
Information Control: Library resources
Library as Place: Library environment

The 22 core survey questions are designed to measure 3 service levels (Minimum, Perceived, and Desired) for each service dimension on a scale of 1 (Low) to 9 (High).

Minimum: Minimum Acceptable Level
Perceived: Actual Level
Desired: Expected / Desired Level

Overall Performance

DimensionMinimum MeanPerceived MeanDesired Mean
Affect of Service6.217.097.41
Information Control6.206.907.62
Library as Place6.216.947.64

Performance of 3 Service Dimensions: 2015 vs 2019 vs 2023

Most Satisfactory Service Areas

Library Services Perceived Mean
Library staff who are consistently courteous 7.47
Willingness to help users 7.28
Readiness to respond to users’ enquires 7.20
A haven for study, learning, or research 7.15
Library staff who have the knowledge to answer user questions 7.13

Areas for Improvement

Library ServicesPerceived Mean
Giving users individual attention 6.58
Quiet space for individual work 6.76
Spaces and technology that support creativity 6.76
The electronic information resources I need 6.77
Space for group learning and group study 6.85
Library Collections, print and online, sufficient to meet my research and learning needs 6.87
The printed library materials I need for my work 6.87

Top Users’ Expectations

Library Services Desired Mean
A haven for study, learning, or research 7.83
Quiet space for individual work 7.77
A comfortable and inviting location 7.73
Making electronic resources accessible from my home or office 7.72
A library Web site enabling me to locate information on my own 7.68

HKBU & JULAC comparison

Survey Comments

Of 1,013 respondents, 339 provided written comments about different aspects of library services, representing a response rate of 33%. We were grateful for the many positive comments received from our users, most of which praised the Library’s services and environment. The following are some examples:

  • My experience with the library has been great. It is the best environment for studies and research with its many resources.
  • Library frequently introduces relevant academic search tools and workshops which are useful for my study.
  • The collection in the library is impressive and the staff members are helpful and assertive.
  • 網上圖書館很方便,能為我提供即時性的學習。校內圖書館環境舒適,很適合我溫書、搜尋資料等,圖書館內的多媒體電腦也幫助了我不少。
  • 尤其欣賞小故事發送機,很有趣
  • 圖書館職員和大使十分細心友善

Your Participation

To thank users for their support in responding to the survey, a lucky draw was offered. Congratulations to the prize winners!

Winner List

1stApple Watch SE1NAM, Ching Man
2ndKobo Libra 2 e-Book Reader1CHOY, Kam Lung
3rdSamsung Galaxy Tab A8, WiFi, 10.5″, 4GB/64 GB1PAN, Yuk Kwan
4thJBL LIVE PRO 2 Bluetooth earbuds4KHAN, Md Ayatullah; LI, Nanxi;
XIAO, Luyao; YU, Fengfei
5thEslite Book Coupon HKD10040CHAN, Ka Yau; CHAN, Kun Ping,
CHAN, Oi Yin; CHEN, Xuanye;
CHENG, Hiu Yan; CHEUNG, Hing Lung;
CHOW, Tsz Ching; DING, Yi;
HAN, Meilan; HO, Candy K Y;
HO, Wai Lam; HU, Yuxuan;
HUNG, Yuen Ying; KUMAR, Rajat;
LAM, Hin Shun Thomas; LAM, Lisa;
LAM, Suet Ying; LAU, Chin Ming;
LEE, Kathy; LEUNG, Wai Pong Matt;
LI, Catherine; LI, Hiu Yan;
LI, Kwan Wai; LI, You;
LIU, Shihua; LIU, Yi;
LO, Man Ching; MA, Lik Kuen;
NG, Ka Nam; SIU, Wai Hei;
SO, Hei Wa; TSANG, Tung Ting;
TSUI, Claudia H Y; TSUI, Nga Lee;
U, Wing Yan; WEN, Daihua;
WONG, Ching Kiu; XIAO, Jesse S Z;
XIE, Leran; ZHANG, Hairong

Last updated: 27 February 2024