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Do you have a favourite library e-resource to use when looking for information for your assignment? Don’t know which one you’ve used before? The next time you access a database via the Library, take a look at the logo of the platform, it is likely one of the most used databases listed below.

From July 2020 to June 2021, ProQuest has received the most journal articles and e-books requests, followed by other major vendors such as Wiley, JSTOR, and Elsevier. However impressive, there are several factors to take into account that might affect the fairness of the data compared. For example, the number of databases the Library has subscribed to from each vendor and the coverage of journals and e-books of each database. Using the Library A-Z Databases list, you can see that the Library has subscribed to over 60 ProQuest databases versus only 28 EBSCO databases.

Nonetheless, we are happy to see these e-resources are being used by the HKBU community in support of their learning, teaching, and research.

   Top 10 Journal Articles & E-books Databases

Click on the database name to explore these popular databases!

Top 10 Journal Articles DatabasesTop 10 E-books Databases
1ProQuestProQuest Ebook Central
2ScienceDirectWiley E-books
3China Academic Journals Full-text Database
JSTOR E-books
5EBSCOEBSCO eBook Collection
6Taylor & FrancisSpringerLink – Book
7Wiley Online LibraryCambridge Books Online
8ACS PublicationsGale eBooks
9SAGE CNKI e-books
Including CNKI ebooks, China Reference Works, China Yearbooks, and China Statistical Yearbooks.
10Oxford Journals OnlineCredo Academic Core
20/21 Top 10 Journal Articles Databases

We have also looked at the Chinese-language databases based on the number of searches they received.

Many users may be familiar with CNKI 中國知網 as the database to go to when looking for Chinese journal articles. Another popular peer to CNKI is the Quan Guo Bao Kan Suo Yin (CNBKSY) 全國報刊索引, which is a database founded and maintained by Shanghai Library.

   Top 10 Chinese-language Databases

Click on the database name to explore these popular databases!

Top 10 Chinese-language DatabasesPublisher/ Vendor
7大美晚報 (1929~1949)全國報刊索引
20/21 Top 10 Chinese-language Databases

Last updated: 21 December 2021