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20 Feb 2023, 4:30-6:30 pm

Multipurpose Rooms, Academic Commons, Level 2, Main Library

TOEFL Speaking workshop

The purpose of this workshop is to allow for extra practice for the TOEFL speaking test by focusing on the independent and integrated types of questions. The independent task requires the candidate to speak for 45 seconds on a general topic based on experience and opinions. The integrated tasks require the candidate to read or listen to a passage and respond to the question prompt by speaking for 60 seconds. The workshop will go through all the relevant speaking practice including speaking templates and sample answers to help students prepare for the real TOEFL speaking test. Ample speaking feedback will be provided during the workshop for all attendees.

Facilitator: Mr. Paul Myers (Language Centre)

CCL Status: Participants will receive a full credit for attending this Event

Note: In order to claim CCL credit, you must attend the workshop. Additionally, you must submit the Learning Event Evaluation online form within the same day as the workshop.