Temporary Lift Closure from 10 May to 15 July

The lift will be used for moving books back to Levels 6 & 7.

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Fines for the late return of borrowed items are charged according to the table below. While the Library strives to meet your information needs, we are equally committed to the needs of our other users. Your efforts to return the borrowed items on time are much appreciated by the Library and the rest of the HKBU community.

Loan TypeOverdue Fine PayableGrace Period*Maximum Overdue Fine
General Collection HK$ 0
(Except for recalled items)
HK 0
HKALL Books HK$ 2 per day
(Except for recalled items)
3-Day HK$ 100
Recalled General Books & Recalled HKALL Books HK$ 4 per day 3-Day HK$ 100
Popular Books & Multimedia Items HK$ 2 per day 3-Day HK$ 100
Course Readings HK$ 2 per hour 10-minute  HK$ 60
Special Materials
(e.g., Reference, Serials, Special Collections, etc.)
HK$ 2 per dayNo grace period HK$ 100
Laptop & Tablets HK$ 20 per hour No grace period HK$ 1,000
IT Accessories HK$ 20 per hour No grace period HK$ 200

*Grace period is counted by calendar days. 

The Library will assume that any outstanding borrowed item that has reached the maximum overdue fine has been lost by the borrower. For lost or damaged library items, you will be responsible for paying the full value of the replacement, a binding and processing charge, and the overdue fines accrued (if any) accordingly.

For further inquiries on Library fines/charges, please contact the User Services Counter at 3411-7444 for assistance.

Last updated: 25 March 2024