Limited Library Access to JULAC Card Holders (20 November – 26 December 2023)

The entry of JULAC Card holders from other UGC-funded universities will be limited during the examination period.

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Room A
group viewing room A
Room B
group viewing room B

No. of users 1 – 20 1 – 30
Visual platform 52″ LED TV Overhead projector
(projection area: diagonal 135″)
Audio system 5.1 Surround Sound 7.1 Surround Sound
TV systemHDHD
TV channels Jade, Pearl, HD Jade, J2, iNews,
RTHK 31, RTHK 32, RTHK 33
Jade, Pearl, HD Jade, J2, iNews,
RTHK 31, RTHK 32, RTHK 33
Supported media Blue-ray Disk (Region A), DVD (all codes), VHS, LD, CD, Cassette Blue-ray Disk (Region A), DVD (all codes), VHS, LD, CD, Cassette
PC OS Windows 7 with MS Office Windows 7 with MS Office
Support notebook projectionNoYes


The Rooms may be reserved…

  • by eligible Library users
  • for using audio-visual materials, watching television, or any other related activities
  • for using personal, non-pirated materials only for educational purposes
  • for no more than 2.5 hours per session
  • once per day and a maximum of 3 times per week for the same group of users

General notes:

  • Bookings should be done online here
  • We reserve the right to reassign the Room to walk-in users if the group does not show up 15 minutes after the booking time
  • Please feel free to ask the counter for help if you want to use AV equipment
  • Please limit the volume to a maximum of 30

Walk-in users:

  • Walk-in users are welcome to check the availability of the Rooms at MLC counter
  • When there are walk-in users, any group currently occupying the Room should leave at the end of their booked period

Check In / Check Out

Upon check in, please:

  • Show three staff/student cards to counter staff, including the card of the requestor

After using the Rooms, please:

  • Wipe off all markings on the glassboard and return all furniture to their original positions
  • Alert counter staff you are leaving

Conduct of Users

  • Keep the Rooms neat and tidy
  • Take good care of all computing and AV equipment
  • Valuables should not be left unattended in the Room. Under no circumstances shall the Library be held responsible for any loss or damage to personal items
  • Unattended items left after your reservation period may be removed by library staff without prior notice
  • We reserve the right to inspect the Rooms even if they are in use and request improper users leaving the Rooms and the Library immediately
  • Take note of the Library’s Conduct of Users. Please respect other library users and refrain from engaging in undesirable behaviour

For further questions, please contact the Digital and Multimedia Services Section at or 3411-5239. Thank you for your cooperation! 

Last updated: 01 March 2023