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Computers for Searching

The Library has distributed approximately 90 workstations on each level of the Main Library building and the Chinese Medicine Library for information searching purposes. These machines can be used to search the Library Catalogue, make use of subscribed electronic resources, surf the Internet, etc.

Multimedia Learning Centre Computing Facilities

The Centre makes available over 50 PCs equipped with various software applications. Over 30 of these PCs are located in the Computer Laboratory, which is open to library users whenever it is not scheduled for library workshops and seminars. Students are encouraged to check the Computer Lab Schedule to check the availability of the facility. The Centre also provides scanning, and black and white quota printing services. All data will be erased upon reboot of the PCs. Please ensure your files are saved on external devices, or in cloud storage, before logging off the PCs.

Wireless Network

Eligible users can enjoy the convenience of using their own notebook computers and other Wi-Fi capable devices to access the Internet through the University's wireless network. The service is available on all floors of the Main Library, the Chinese Medicine Library, and the Shek Mun Campus Library.

At present, the wireless network is available to HKBU faculty, staff, students, and JULAC Card holders in the Library. For technical assistance, please contact our Systems team at 3411-5254 or the ITO User Services Hotline at 3411-7899 during office hours.

For full details of the University's Wi-Fi services, please refer to the website

Chinese Writing Pads

Some of the Library's public PCs are equipped with writing pads to facilitate Chinese character entry. Users may also borrow a "plug and play" writing pad from the Information Desk on Level 3, for use with their own personal computers or on Library PCs that are not equipped with a writing pad.