Noisy Works at Shaw Tower from 19 May to 28 May

Main Library will be affected.

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Scheduled Maintenance of Ovid on 20 May 2022

Reminder: Enhanced COVID-19 control measures for all Library users

All visitors must comply with the University's latest vaccination requirements.

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Computing Facilities

Main Library

Location (Main Library)Computer FacilitiesQuantity
Level 2Workstation21
Printer + Photocopier (Octopus)1
Level 3Workstation18
Quota Printer (Follow-U-Print, B&W)2
Level 3
User Services Counter
Level 4Workstation6
Printer + Photocopier (Octopus)1
Level 4
Multimedia Learning Centre
Workstation46 (1 dedicated to Microfilm reader)
Quota Printer (Follow-U-Print, B&W)1
Workstation (Data Analysis Room)3
Workstation (Special Needs User Rooms)4
Pilot 3D Printing Service
Level 4
Special Collections & Archives
Workstation7 (5 dedicated to Microfilm reader)
Level 5Workstation9
Level 6Workstation10
Printer + Photocopier (Octopus)1
Level 7Workstation10


LocationComputer FacilitiesQuantity
Chinese Medicine LibraryWorkstation34
Quota Printer (Follow-U-Print, B&W)1
Printer + Photocopier (Octopus)1
Shek Mun Campus LibraryWorkstation34
Quota Printer (Follow-U-Print, B&W)2
Printer + Photocopier (Octopus)2
Special Needs User Room

Please refer to the Library’s Guidelines for Computer Use for important information on the use of Library computer workstations. 

Wireless Network

Eligible users can connect their Wi-Fi capable devices for Internet access through the University’s wireless network. The service is available on all floors of the Main Library, the Chinese Medicine Library, and the Shek Mun Campus Library. We recommend connecting to the “BU-Advanced” network. The “BU-Standard” network will also work. These networks are only available to HKBU faculty, staff, and students.

JULAC Card holders, Graduate Borrower Card holders, and other visitors may make use of the “BU-Guest” network for Internet access when they are at the Main Library or the Chinese Medicine Library. Please note that this network is not available at Shek Mun Campus Library.

For technical assistance, please contact the ITO User Services Hotline at 3411-7899 during office hours. 

For full details of the University’s Wi-Fi services, please refer to the website of the Office of Information Technology.

Last updated: 04 October 2021