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第四期 Volume IV, 2001  
目 錄 Contents  
專題論文 Articles  
1949年前香港教會的發展 — 宏觀歷史的考察(1842-1949)
The Development of Hong Kong Churches Before 1949: A Macro History(1842-1949)
Ying Fuk-tsang
二十世紀上半葉中國教會自立運動 — 以香港浸信教會為個案的研究
The Autonomous Movement within the Chinese Church during the First Half of the 20th Century: A Case Study of the Hong Kong Baptist Church
Lee Kam-keung
The Social Roles of Hong Kong churches after the Return to Chinese Sovereignty in 1997
Kwong Chun-wah
回應 Response  
〈九七回歸與香港教會的社會角色〉一文的回應  周惠賢71
A Response to “The Social Roles of Hong Kong churches after the Return to Chinese Sovereignty in 1997”  Chow Wai-yin 
研究史 Literature Review  
Review and Prospects for Studies on George L. Mackay
Wong Yuen-yuen
教會史料 Historical Materials of Christianity  
基督教與近代中國社會研究中值得注意的史料 — 洋票傳教士回憶錄慨述 徐有威111
Valuable Source Materials on the History of Christianity in Modern Chinese Society:  A Brief Description of Memoirs of Kidnapped Missionaries Xu Youwei 
牧師傳 Biographical Sketch of a Pastor  
王煜初牧師傳(1843-1903) 張志偉115
A Biography of Rev. Wong Yuk-cho Cheung Chi-wai 
口述歷史 Oral History  
崇真會 — 薛磐基長老  湯泳詩128
An Elder of Tsung Tsin Mission of Hong Kong – Simon Sit  Tong Wing-Sze 
書評 Book Reviews  
Review of The Sino-American Friendship as Tradition and Challenge: Dr. Ailie Gale in China, 1909-1950, by M. Cristina Zaccarini  Yip Ka-Che134
Review of E. C. Bridgman (1801-1861), America’s First Missionary to China, by Michael C. Lazich  R. G. Tiedemann138
評蘇精著《馬禮遜與中文印刷出版》  周榮143
Review of Robert Morrison and Chinese Printing, by So Ching  Chow Kai-wing 
Books Received 149
編後語 Editorial Note 150

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