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第三期 Volume III, 2000  
目 錄 Contents  
專題論文 Articles  
The Missionary and the Chinese “Helper”: A Re-Appraisal of the Chinese Role in the Case of Bible Translation in China
傳教士與華人助理 ─ 中文聖經翻譯中華人角色的再評價
Jost Oliver Zetzsche5
Wong Fun and The London Missionary Society
Su Ching
James Mellon Menzies: Sinology and Mission Policies
Dong Lin-fu
Poor-man’s Anti-imperialism?: The Anti-Christian Movement and the Political Value of Cultural Targets for Revolutionary Activity, August 1924 – June 1925
黎民之反帝 ─ 非基運動在國民革命運動中的政治作用
Michael Murdock60
研究史 Literature Review  
十九世紀基督新教在華傳教活動研究之回顧與展望 ─ 以美國傳教士和傳教團體為主的討論
Historical Review and Research Prospect Related to Scholarly Works Concerning Protestant Missions in Nineteenth-Century China: The Cases of American Missions and Missionaries
Lin Mei-mei
口述歷史 Oral History  
堅道香港浸信會會友 ─ 白通先生李金強、湯泳詩110
Mr. Bai Tong – A Member of the Hong Kong Baptist ChurchLee Kam-keung and Tong Wing-sze 
書評 Book Reviews 
Review of Georg M. Stenz SVD (1869-1928): Chinamissionar im Kaiserreich und in der Republik, by Stephan PuhlMak King-sing, Ricardo114
Review of Earthen Vessels and Transcendent Power: American Presbyterians in China, 1837-1952, by G. Thompson BrownTong Wing-sze117
評《中國的現代化和基督教》( 深澤秀男 )馮羽119
Review of Christianity and China’s Modernization, by Fukazawa Hideo  
Review of The Liberating Gospel in China: The Christian Faith among China’s Minority Peoples, by Ralph R. CovellChan Kim-kwong122
Review of The Origins of the Anglo-American Missionary Enterprise in China, 1807-1840, Missionary Enterprise in China, 1807-1840, by Murray A. RubinsteinWong Man-kong, Timothy125
Review of The Cultural Contribution of British Protestant Missionaries and British – American Cooperation to China’s National Development During the 1920s, by Dan CuiYip Ka-che129
Review of The Changing Role of the British Protestant Missionaries in China, 1945-1952, by Oi Ki LingRobert Bickers134
Review of The Bible in China: The History of the Union Version or The Culmination of Protestant Missionary Bible Translation in China, by Jost Oliver ZetscheLauren Pfister137
Books Received 141
編後語 Editorial Note 143

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