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第二期 Volume II, 1999  
目 錄 Contents  
專題論文 Articles  
Cai Erkang and the Wan-kuo Kung-pao (Globe Magazine)
Ma Jun
Chinese Women Revivalists in the First Half of the Twentieth Century
Leung Ka-lun
從神學教育到宗教研究 ─ 燕京大學宗教教育的考察
From Theological Education to Religious Studies –An Enquiry into the Development of Religious Education at Yenching University
Ng Tze-ming, Peter
滬江大學與香港浸會大學 ─ 20世紀浸會華人高等教育事業的歷史變遷
The University of Shanghai and Hong Kong Baptist University– Christian Higher Education of Chinese Baptists in the Twentieth Century
Wang Licheng
研究史 Literature Review  
近代中國基督教區域研究述評 ─ 以中國及西方研究為個案
An Account of Research on Area Study in the History of Christianity in Modern China – A Case Study of Research in China and the West
Keung Ka-wing
口述歷史 Oral History  
堅道香港浸信教會前會佐 ─ 鄭君珮先生李金強、湯泳詩107
Cheng Kwan-pui, Former Deacon of the Hong Kong Baptist Church, Caine RoadLee Kam-keung and Tong Wing-sze 
牧師傳 Biographical Sketch of a Pastor  
An Educational Missionary in Post-War Hong Kong: The Reverend Joyce Mary BennettWong Man-kong, Timothy
書評 Book Reviews  
評《中國教會大學文獻目錄‧第一輯》( 吳梓明、梁元生、李金強編)邢福增125
Review of Archival Catalogues of Christian Colleges in China, vol. 1, edited by Ng Tse-ming, Peter; Leung Yuen-sang, Philip; and Lee Kam-keungYing Fuk-tsang 
Review of Taking Christianity to China: Alabama Missionaries in the Middle Kingdom, 1850-1950, by Wayne Flynt and Gerald W. BerkleyJ. Barton Starr128
評《宣揚基督於中國:在華之阿拉巴馬州宣教士1850-1950》( 英文本 ) ( 費韋恩、柏茲勞)史百川 
Review of Crusaders Against Opium: Protestant Missionaries in China, 1874-1917, by Kathleen L. LodwickWong Man-kong, Timothy131
評《禁毒之師:新教傳教士於中國1847-1917》( 英文本 ) ( 樂潔蓮 )黃文江 
Review of American Missionaries and Modernization of China in the Late Qing Dynasty, by Wan LixinChu Yiu-kwong134
評《美國傳教士與晚清中國現代化》( 王立新)朱耀光 
編後語 Editorial Note 137

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