Major Noisy Works from 8 May to 7 June 2024

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第七期 Volume VII, 2006/2007  
目 錄 Contents  
專題論文 Articles  
Karl F.A. Gutzlaff’s Universal Geography: Its Discovery and Significance
David K. Y. Chng
Birth and Death of The Chinese Repository
Su Ching
默默無聞的牛津大學館藏─ 十九世紀西教士的中文著作及譯著
A Little-known Bodleian Collection : Nineteenth-Century Protestant Missionary Writings and Translations in Chinese
Lai Tsz-pang John
研究史 Literature Review  
近代中國基督教史研究的兩種文脈─ 以戰後日文著作為中心若松大祐52
Two Research Themes in the History of Christianity in Modern China: Focusing on Japanese Publications after the Second World WarWakamatsu Daisuke 
牧師傳 Biographical Sketch of a Pastor  
香港基督教才子─ 歐陽佐翔牧師(1919 – 2002)的生平與事奉李金強68
A Gifted Writer in Hong Kong Christian Circles: The Life and Works of the Rev. C.C. Au YeungLee Kam Keung 
附錄 : 歐陽佐翔牧師致李金強函  
Appendix : The Rev. C. C. Au Yeung’s letter to Lee Kam Keung  
The Rev. John E. Su: A 20th Century Chinese EvangelistTse Sze Wing 
口述歷史 Oral History  
司徒桐─ 基督教與社會政治趙曉陽79
Situ Tong: Christianity and Community PoliticsZhao Xiaoyang 
研究札記 Research Notes  
Influence of Globalization on the Chinese Christian Church and other Related IssuesDuan Qi 
書評專題 Review Article  
Review of The Taiping Heavenly Kingdom: Rebellion and the Blasphemy of Empire, by Thomas H. ReillyP. Richard Bohr96
Review of The Chinese Face of Jesus Christ: Volume 2, edited by Roman Malek陳貽強103
 David Cheung (Chen Yigiang) 
書評 Book Reviews  
評《陶行知─ 一位基督徒教育家的再發現》(何榮漢)甘穎軒109
Review of Tao Xingzhi: Re-discovery of a Christian Educator, by Ho Wing HonKam Wing Him 
編後語 Editorial Note 111

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