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Personal papers consist of manuscripts and other materials collected and/or generated by scholars and prominent persons that have been donated to the Library.

You can access the electronic finding aids for personal papers by clicking the icons below. Hard copies are available in the Special Collections and Archives Reading Room.

Lila Watson (吳立樂) Papers (RG. 1) Finding Aid Catalogue Record

Lila Watson (吳立樂) was Southern Baptist missionary served in China from 1919 to 1958. The papers contain Baptist missionaries’ experience of the turbulent time of China facing the threat of war and Japanese occupation, while keeping the China Baptist Young People’s Missionary Organization (基督教中華浸會少年團聯會) running.

Princeton Hsu (徐松石) Papers (RG. 2) Finding Aid Catalogue Record

The Papers contain correspondences consisting of replies to questions that Rev. Hsu wrote to retired Southern Baptist missionaries about the missionary work in the areas where they lived. There are also some articles about Baptist history.

Hong Kong-Macao Baptist Mission Collection (RG. 3) Finding Aid Catalogue Record

This collection contains papers concerning various institutions which were established cooperatively by the Southern Baptist Mission and Baptist Association of Hong Kong (later Hong Kong Baptist Convention). They jointly supported those institutions financially.

Lady Ride Collection (RG. 4) Finding Aid Catalogue Record

This collection includes a letter on parchment and a rubbing. The letter was dated May 2 1859 and addressed to Dr. James Legge, while he was in England on furlough, from Gallowtree Gate Chapel, Leicester, England. The Chapel expressed their appreciation of his missionary work in China and Hong Kong. The rubbing was made from the Chinese writing on the west end of Rev. Robert Morrison’s grave.

Baptist Press Collection (RG. 5) Finding Aid Catalogue Record

This collection contains first-hand information and clippings about the work of Southern Baptist missionaries and Chinese Christians during 1920s-1950s.

Carter Morgan (毛嘉德) Papers (RG. 6) Finding Aid Catalogue Record

The Papers contain letters to Baptist supporters in the U.S.A. reporting the growth of Baptist work in Asia. He also wrote biographies of his parents, Southern Baptist missionaries to China, with clippings attached.

Frederick Webb (洪恩煥) Papers (RG. 7) Finding Aid Catalogue Record

These letters, written by Frederick Webb to his mother, and sister Nettie in England, told of the trip out to China, of events during his time at the China Inland Mission missionary training school, and what life was like in Chungking (Chongqing). 

Wen Yi-guan (溫一貫) Papers (RG. 8) Finding Aid Catalogue Record

Wen Yi-guan was a local preacher of the Kowloon Methodist Church from 1959 to 1989. The Papers include bound volumes of the manuscripts and typescript of his sermons. The Papers also include periodicals, worship bulletins and printed materials published by churches in Hong Kong, together with miscellaneous pieces relating to Wen’s reflection.

Baptist Faith and History Papers (RG. 9) Finding Aid Catalogue Record

The Papers were written in a class taught by Dr. Carter Morgan at Hong Kong Baptist Theological Seminary in 1994. Students wrote papers on individuals, churches and institutions involved in the history of the Baptist Convention of Hong Kong.

Wong Yoon-wah (王潤華) Papers (RG. 10) Finding Aid Catalogue Record

The Papers mainly consist of materials written by or related to Prof. Tse-tsung Chow (周策縱). These materials, collected by Prof. Wong Yoon-wah (王潤華), include Prof. Chow’s poems, correspondence, calligraphies, essays and photographs as well as some assignments and notes of which the majority was written by Prof. Wong.

China Woman’s Missionary Union Papers (RG. 11) Finding Aid Catalogue Record

The Woman’s Missionary Union (WMU) was founded in 1888 as an independent auxiliary of the Southern Baptist Convention. The purposes are to encourage spiritual growth and evangelism among the members. The national organization in China began in the late 1920s. The papers mainly include letters written among leaders during the 1930s and 1940s concerning the work of the organization.

Carl T. Smith (施其樂) Collection (RG. 12) Finding Aid Catalogue Record

Carl T. Smith came to Hong Kong in 1961 to teach theology at Chung Chi College (now part of Chinese University).  His interest has been in collecting items of Hong Kong and Macau history, and items about church history in China. He was considered as an expert in local history. This collection contains mostly printed materials concerning the history of local church, Hong Kong and Macau.

Elsie Tu (杜葉錫恩) Papers (RG. 13) Finding Aid Catalogue Record

This collection documents Dr. Tu’s fifty years of social activism and service in Hong Kong. Click here to learn more about this invaluable primary resource.

Tse-tsung Chow (周策縱) Papers (RG. 14) Finding Aid Catalogue Record

The Papers provide a broad overview of Prof. Chow’s career and achievements as a renowned scholar, teacher and writer. Prof. Chow’s achievements and works in Chinese literary theory and criticism, Chinese literature, poetry and history are well documented in his manuscripts, essays and correspondence.

Chang Chuen (章群) Papers (RG. 15) Finding Aid Catalogue Record

Dr. Chang Chuen is a scholar in Chinese history and a former head of the HKBU Department of History. The Papers contain mostly documents on Chinese history, and other subject areas include arts and culture, Chinese language and literature, geography, travel, philosophy and religion.

Derwent Collection Papers (RG. 16) Finding Aid Catalogue Record

The Papers contain articles, manuscripts, photographic copies, prints and negatives which complement the books and art works of the Derwent Collection on Macau, donated by Mr Brian Cuthbertson.

Helen Brenton & Roy Jr. Pryor Papers (RG. 17) Finding Aid Catalogue Record

The Papers document the personal experiences of the couple and Helen’s mother Mary Foster Brenton in the Nanjing Incident on March 24, 1927 in Nanjing, China. Some other materials describe the Japanese attack in Beijing and Tianjin as well as the Nanking massacre in 1937.

Andrew Gordon Wilson (衛理信) Papers (RG. 18) Finding Aid Catalogue Record

The Papers document Wilson’s work and life as an architect and missionary in Guangzhou, China from the late 1900s to the 1920s. Wilson worked at the Medical Missionary Society’s Hospital 博濟醫局 and was also involved in the construction and management of the Kong Chuen Canton Hospital 江村 普惠醫院 and schools.

Kwok Nai Wang (郭乃弘) Papers (RG. 19) Finding Aid Catalogue Record

The Papers document Rev. Kwok Nai Wang’s (郭乃弘) career as a pastor and head minister at churches, a leader in Christian organizations, as well as an educator in religion in Hong Kong. His active participation and concerns in religious and socio-political issues since the 1960s are also recorded.

Lin Nien Tung (林年同) Papers (RG. 20) Finding Aid Catalogue Record

Dott. Lin Nien Tung (林年同) devoted his life to the film industry as producer, director and later as film scholar, also a former head of the HKBU Department of Communication. The Papers consist of 15 personal correspondences dated from 1972 to 1975, while he was in Italy, sent to his friend, film critic Mr. Li Hoo Cheong (舒明).

Hinghwa Conference of Methodist Episcopal Church Papers (RG. 21) Finding Aid Catalogue Record

Papers of Hinghwa Conference of Methodist Episcopal Church (1933-1948, n.d.) consists of correspondence and articles sent to supporters, families and contributors in the USA, with descriptions of mission work to raise funds for their work.

Timothy Lin (林道亮) Family Album (RG. 22) Finding Aid Catalogue Record

Timothy Lin family album consists of black and white photographs of family and friends of Rev. Timothy Lin Daoliang (林道亮), Bible teachers of the South China Alliance Bible Institute. There are photographs of old street scene, parade, train stations and parks in China, including Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Macau and Shanghai.

Wayne Flynt Collection (RG. 23) Finding Aid Catalogue Record

The collection mainly consists of research materials collected by Professor Gerald Berkley and Professor Wayne Flynt, and the drafts and proofs of their book entitled Taking Christianity to China: Alabama Missionaries in the Middle Kingdom, 1850-1950.

Last updated: 14 March 2023