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Library Learning Events

Oct - Nov 2021

Library Learning Events in Sem 1 AY2021/22

Learning Events aim to facilitate whole person education. A variety of topics are covered, including language learning, information literacy, information technology skills, and more. Events are facilitated by experts from the University’s academic and administrative departments, and database vendors.

Participation in our Learning Events is recognized under the University’s Co-Curricular Learning (CCL) programme. Depending on the length of the Event, participants will receive a half credit or full credit. Please refer to individual Event descriptions for details of CCL status.

Below you can find details of the Learning Events for this semester. Click on an Event’s title for more details and to access the registration form!

Learning EventDateTimeFormat / Venue
《中華經典古籍庫》在綫培訓 Introduction to the Chinese Classic Ancient Books Database11 Oct 20213:30 – 4:30pmOnline via Zoom
[Event Cancelled] 粵語懶音測試及析要 Test and analysis of Cantonese lazy tone19 Oct 20213:30 – 5:20pmMultipurpose Rooms (L2)
中醫藥相關的館藏資源介紹 Introduction of Library Resources Related to Chinese Medicine20 Oct 20213:30 – 4:30pmOnline via Zoom
Research Literature Management with Zotero21 Oct 20212:30 – 4:20pmMultipurpose Rooms (L2)
[Event Cancelled] Speaking Practice for TOEFL Test25 Oct 20216:30 – 8:20pmMultipurpose Rooms (L2)
Westlaw Asia Database Training26 Oct 20212:30 – 3:30pmOnline via Zoom
[Event Cancelled] Writing for the Public- How to have your voice heard on government policies28 Oct 20212:30 – 4:20pmMultipurpose Rooms (L2)
流行歌詞的情與愛 Love in popular lyrics29 Oct 20212:30 – 4:20pmMultipurpose Rooms (L2)
[Event Cancelled] 從圖書館特藏及文獻中追踪兩位傑出女性 Two amazing ladies : getting to know Special Collections & Archives2 Nov 20212:30 – 3:20pmMultipurpose Rooms (L2)
30 statistics in 30 secs in Statista2 Nov 20213:30 – 4:30pmOnline via Zoom
Introducing the NEW SciFinder-n3 Nov 20213:30 – 4:45pmOnline via Zoom
投考香港公務員語文要求淺談 A brief introduction to the language requirements for the civil service Common Recruitment Examination (CRE)4 Nov 20213:30 – 5:20pmMultipurpose Rooms (L2)
Finding company information9 Nov 20212:30 – 3:30pmOnline via Zoom
Introducing Gale Primary Source10 Nov 20212:30 – 3:30pmOnline via Zoom
[Event Cancelled] E-books: Everything you need to know about e-books in HKBU Library and beyond11 Nov 20212:30 – 3:30pmMultipurpose Rooms (L2)
香港「老故事」書寫 Introduction of “Service-Learning Engagement through Chinese Storytelling and Writing15 Nov 20213:30 – 5:20pmMultipurpose Rooms (L2)
GRE Orientation Workshop16 Nov 20212:30 – 4:50pmOnline via Zoom
Introducing LinkedIn Learning18 Nov 20212:30 – 3:30pmMultipurpose Rooms (L2)
活用政府統計處網站數據 Using the statistic data in Census and Statistic Department website24 Nov 20212:30 – 3:30pmOnline via Zoom
More sessions are being added. Stay tuned!