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Library Newsletter Issue 3

Issue 3

Mar 2020

Editor’s Note

Chris Chan profile

When I wrote my note for the last issue of the Newsletter in November, I was hopeful that the switch to exclusively online teaching and learning would be short lived. These hopes were of course dashed as the coronavirus outbreak has meant that e-learning has become a way of life at HKBU for the foreseeable future.

Your librarians have adapted quickly to the changing circumstances. In addition to our established WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger enquiry services, we have established a Virtual Information Desk where you can get instant face-to-face help from a librarian via Zoom.

We have also been busy re-imagining events for online delivery. Our e-resources are more critical than ever to successful learning and research, and so we have reached out to our e-resource vendors to provide training sessions. Faculty and librarians will also be delivering workshops online. Many of these events are CCL credit-bearing. Check out the article in this issue for more details. 

Looking on the brighter side, the current circumstances have prompted us to try new things. So far I have conducted almost a dozen classes via Zoom, and I have to say that I have been impressed by the technology. With such tools, and the Library’s deep collections of e-resources, we can continue to effectively support learning, teaching, and research at the University. Of course, I hope that the normal operation of the Library can resume sooner rather than later!

Enjoy the issue, and feel free to contact me directly if you have any comments or suggestions for the Newsletter.

Chris Chan
Head of Information Services / Newsletter Editor

Library online guide to coronavirus resources

LibGuide on COVID-19

At the time of writing, the outbreak of the novel coronavirus COVID-19 still shows no sign of coming under control. In difficult times like this, ensuring information transparency and sharing reliable and credible resources on the outbreak is vitally important.

Bearing this in mind, librarians Jennifer (Liaison Librarian for the Faculty of Science) and David (Chinese Medicine Librarian) developed a Novel Coronavirus library guide with the aim of sharing up-to-date and relevant information on this topic to HKBU users. A dynamic infographic and advice from major health agencies are featured on this guide, together with links to renowned biomedical and clinical publication bodies and societies.

Jennifer Gu
Information Services Librarian

Learning Events go online

Online Learning Events poster

The suspension of face-to-face classes at the University of course does not mean that teaching and learning has stopped. There has been a massive move of regular classes online, and it is only natural for the Library’s long-running Learning Events series to follow suit. Beginning in early March, our online Learning Events programme will be delivered via Zoom, the online meeting platform centrally supported by the University.

When the coronavirus outbreak first hit Hong Kong, the Library was in the final planning stages for our annual e-Resources Discovery Week event that normally takes place in early March. Many of our e-resource vendors were scheduled to come and visit us in person to provide lunchtime workshops and demonstration booths. These have of course been cancelled, but we are grateful to our vendors for being willing to provide online events as an alternative. Some have even kindly agreed to use Zoom instead of their usual webinar platform, in order to facilitate the participation of the HKBU community that by now is experienced using Zoom. Check out the full schedule – there will definitely be a session on an e-resource of benefit to your study or research.

Apart from these e-resource workshops, regular Learning Events facilitated by faculty and librarians will also be offered. Special thanks in particular are due to Language Centre colleagues for offering a variety of different session. More events are still being planned, so be sure to check back in the near future. Here again is the link to the event schedule.

Students that are working on their Co-Curricular Learning (CCL) requirement will be pleased to learn that all events are CCL credit-bearing. As sessions normally need to be held on-campus to qualify for CCL credit, we are grateful to the Office of Student Affairs for their flexibility in these exceptional circumstance.

I hope to see you online at one (or more!) of our events.

Chris Chan
Head of Information Services

We protect you! Library Acquisitions Services

UV sterilizer being used to clean books
A library staff disinfects book packaging

As cases of coronavirus surge worldwide, some have wondered whether the virus could be contracted from books that the Library has acquired. While the WHO says coronaviruses do not survive long on objects, some research says they may live on inanimate surfaces for up to 9 days.

But, worry not!  The Library’s Acquisitions Services is not taking any risks. Being the first point of contact that handles all newly purchased books, we have put a disinfection procedure in place to ensure the health and safety of our staff and library users.

Wearing protective gear, our staff will now spray all packages with a disinfectant solution. For packages coming from areas with large outbreaks, they will be further isolated for a week or more and be sprayed once again with the disinfectant solution. Then each book will be sanitized in the UV book sterilizer. After these multiple rounds of disinfection, new books will be officially received and passed to other library sections for further processing.

This is extra work, but our dedicated staff are happy to take all the necessary precautions!

Katie Lai
Head of Acquisitions Services

Enhanced 3D Printing Service

Eiffel tower printed by 3D printer
A black lion printed by 3D printer

Does this lion’s impressive mane look cool to you?

How about the idea of printing models of famous architectural landmarks that can be placed on your desk?

Now you can print high-quality 3D models using the library’s new Creality CR-10S Pro printer. With this new 3D printer, the maximum dimensions for printing models have been significantly increased to 300 (W) x 300 (L) x 400 (H) mm. Users can choose to print with white, black or blue colour filaments. The printing price remains the same at HK$1.00 per 200 mm of filament. 

Go to the 3D Printing Service page to learn more!

Rebekah Wong
Head of Digital and Multimedia Services

HKBU Library fast facts

HKBU library's fast facts on e-learning activities

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