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Effective Use of AI-powered Tools for Library Research

21 February 2024

Online via Zoom *

Effective Use of AI-powered Tools for Library Research

This event focuses on advancing library research through the application of AI technologies. The program comprises a brief introduction to AI assistance within libraries, an in-depth exploration of the Consensus AI search engine designed for scholarly discovery, techniques for refining AI outputs through customizing search prompts, and approaches for utilizing an AI assistant provided by LinkedIn to elevate professional growth. The goal is to provide both faculty and students with strategic practices for optimizing the advantages of AI technologies in their academic pursuits.

Date: 21 Feb 2024 (Wed)

Time: 09:30 am – 12:00 nn

Eligible Applicants: Members of the HKBU community

Enquiries: Mr. Wallace Wong, User Experience and Assessment Librarian (Email:

Format/ Venue: Online via Zoom *

* Before joining the online session, it is important that to setup an HKBU Zoom account.

You should do this even if you have used Zoom before with a different account. For logistical and security reasons, you will NOT be able to join the session with a non-HKBU Zoom account.

To setup your HKBU Zoom account, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to and click the “Sign in” button:
  2. Sign in with your HKBU SSOid, and your HKBU Zoom account will be created.